Meet Astoria

Meet Astoria is undergoing a bit of a change. Instead of introducing you to several Astorians per month, we wanted to focus on one special character each month and go into a bit more detail about their background and personality. This month we want to introduce you to a changemaker in New York. Adam Levine Peres is a Bronx native […]

Games, Meals, Drinks, Rah!

If you’re tired of watching sports from the comfort of home and want to feel the electricity and excitement in the comfort of someone else’s establishment then here are a few local hot spots to catch all the big games. Twist and Smash’d at 34-02 Steinway St. offers many HD TVs, a fully stocked bar, delicious wings, burgers and more. […]

Gossip Coffee

The word is out about Gossip Coffee and you should be spreading the Gossip too. I was lucky enough to visit Gossip Coffee on September 29th which was “National Coffee Day”, and indeed there is no better way to celebrate coffee EVERY day of the year than at the newly opened Gossip Coffee on 30th Avenue in Astoria. I was […]

DIY Halloween Costumes

How will you stand out this Halloween? Of course, it all depends on the amount of time, cash and dedication you sacrifice for creating a costume. For those of you more likely to wait until the last minute, or simply take it easy with your Halloween look, read the following for some tips. You have the option of “thrifting” to […]

The Strand Smokehouse

Get your BBQ on at The Strand Smokehouse on Broadway in Astoria. The Strand was established in 2012 and offers a unique dining experience for meat lovers, and aficionados of fine barrel bourbon, and craft beers. This self-service restaurant is the brainchild of Tommy Vasilis who wanted to offer a casual dining experience for friends and families, featuring high quality […]

‘Fall’ In Love With Pumpkin

What happens between September and October that makes everyone go crazy for pumpkin? The craze may have been started with Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte but it seems to have evolved into a whole new phenomenon. You can now find pumpkin flavor in all different kinds of food. We have scoured Astoria to see where you can get your pumpkin fix. […]

Taste Of Astoria: Queens Comfort

Clearly Astoria is buzzing. There are new restaurants, cafes, bars, bistros, opening up weekly in this sparkling community, and there are a few places that have been at the forefront of this dynamic shift in nightlife and culture in our community. One of those places is Queens Comfort. Located at 40-09 30th Ave, this comfort food joint prides itself on […]

Dia De Muertos/Day Of The Dead

“Día de Muertos” (no “los” necessary) is a Mexican holiday that welcomes the souls of the dead on November 1. It’s worth noting that Día de Muertos happens to fall on the day after our Halloween, and on the same day as the Catholic holiday known as All Saint’s Day, though it corresponds more to the other Catholic holiday, All […]

2015-10-01 E-Edition

Tunes & Taverns: Music Festival At The Unisphere?

This year has been a true delight for Astoria. It seems that we are finally starting to scratch the surface for realizing the musical potential in Queens. With breakthrough artists like Regret the Hour and The Gantry representing the indie rock scene of Astoria, or Melrose Ballroom bringing in Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, and events like Play Too Much’s NYSCI […]