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It’s not surprising that Wine Stop is considered the best wine and liquor shop in Astoria by so many locals. Just read the reviews and read on now to learn why. Every day is special at Wine Stop with its impressive selection of carefully selected wines, spirits, and hand-crafted bourbons and whiskeys. Wine Stop opened five years ago by the charming Andreia Frison, who wanted to offer an “experience” in wine and spirits shopping. Visit tonight and let the educated staff help you choose the perfect bottle (or two) to celebrate a romantic Valentine’s Day and Night.

Wine Stop is beautifully designed with custom built, dark wood shelves from the floor to the super high ceiling and a gorgeous, antique apothecary cabinet behind the register. An antique cabinet serves as the checkout counter and cool, industrial lighting illuminates the cozy space, further warmed by Andreia’s hand-crafted wall hangings made from recycled corks. Bruno is the talented sommelier who curates the best wines from all over the world in every price range. Carefully selecting wines from smaller producers, Bruno can recommend the right wine to pair with everything from tacos to lobster. “I’d never upsell a customer,” says Bruno. He prefers to educate customers about the right bottle for them, even if it’s an inexpensive wine, and indeed, you’ll find great vintages at $12 or less. There are fantastic vintages from Serbia, Chile, Argentina, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, and the U.S. too. You’ll find organic wines here too, and wine tastings happen frequently!

Wine Stop has a fine selection of hand-made bourbons and whiskeys from as near as Brooklyn, all beautifully displayed on dark wood shelves. They have doubled their selection of curated whiskeys from Scotland, India, Japan, and Taiwan, which might surprise you with such fine quality. Fine sake, tequila, and brandy find their place on the shelves, all neatly arranged, organized, and easy to find. These impressive bottles make a great gift for any occasion and for everyone in your life. Treat yourself to your favorite cognac and pair it with a good, aged cheese or chunk of dark chocolate.

White wines, sparkling wines, and champagne can be purchased cold from the fridge in the back, or from the shelf for later use. Lovely little gift cards are available to help you make a last-minute gift to someone, or for your special Valentine. Wine Stop rewards its customers with a “Loyalty Program” where you earn points every time you purchase. Every dollar equals one point and points never expire. Wine Stop offers free, local deliveries through Drizly and Minibar and you can get it in about an hour. You can also go in person and browse the handsome shop after work, as they’re located just downstairs from the N train’s Broadway station.

Wine Stop is open seven days a week, with frequent wine tastings, and you can follow them on Facebook for special events. Celebrate Valentine’s Day, or any day with a trip and special purchase from Wine Stop. Cheers!

– Teresa Macchio

30-08 Broadway, Astoria  718.274.4545


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