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Must-Have College EDC



Many of us are savoring the last weeks of summer until the academic year begins. Days will become shorter, but will feel incredibly long on campus as we get back into the new semester routine. We all have those days where we don’t have time to eat and find it impossible to run back to our dorm to grab something we forgot during the day. That is why carrying your essentials is critical for keeping your sanity during a hectic semester. Here are some must-have “every day carry” (EDC) items to help you get through the upcoming semester.

A backpack. This might seem obvious, but many of us underestimate how a well-organized backpack could keep us sane, especially during finals weeks. Nothing is worse than having to dig through a backpack looking for something during class. There are many great backpack manufacturers such as North Face, Jansport, Timbuck2, Osprey, and Rush 24 just to name a few. The key thing when searching for a backpack for college is to have a laptop pouch, lots of pockets/space, durability, and comfort.

A laptop charger. You never want to be in the middle of a lecture taking notes with only 5% battery life left, realizing that you left your charger in your dorm or at home. It is definitely a must to have two laptop chargers, one at home and one that stays in your backpack.

Travel Mug/Reusable water bottle. It’s important to stay hydrated and/or caffeinated throughout the day. There are several brands that make affordable water bottles and travel mugs that will keep your liquids cold or hot throughout the day such as Stanley, Hydro flask, Thermos, and Yeti to name a few. Many campuses offer filtered water refill stations.

Travel Power Strip. This is often overlooked, but outlets are expensive, in-demand real estate in classrooms and the library. If you’re in need of multiple outlets this could be a game-changer for you. —Scott Lakeram

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