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Meet Nieves, he is the creator and owner of the Sexy Batch Baking Company.

Sexy Batch Baking Company is a micro-batch baking company lo­cated in Astoria.

“We specialize in unique and de­licious cookies made with the high­est quality ingredients. Our customers love our cookies because they are both nutritious and deli­cious,” Nieves noted. “Our goal is to make people feel nourished and happy, even with a sweet treat. We believe that sharing is love, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share our cookies with as many peo­ple as possible.”

QS: What inspired you to start Sexy Batch Baking?

Nieves: I really wasn’t “in­spired” to start Sexy Batch Baking Company. It was more a necessity of the soul. Around 2012 I began to feel the impending ticking of “The Clock” and questioned what I had thus far contributed to society and the world. Until I started Sexy Batch Baking Company, I just meandered through life, doing and living day to day and in the moment, not asking myself the essential questions: What the hell am I meant to do here, what mark am I leaving on society and the people around me, and how can I be of service? A lot of my life has been me trying to figure out who I am, outrunning my father’s shadow, past trauma, and wearing a mask. I’ve been on my own since 14 and had to develop my own rules and ethos for survival. This led me to a false iden­tity of soul. Being on my own at such a young age, I was forced to teach myself how to cook and bake. Through the years, I’ve enjoyed the comfort and closeness food has brought to my life. Since then, I would cook and bake for friends’ birthdays, house parties, football Sundays, rooftop BBQs, and other events. Now I get to do these things on a larger scale.


In 2013, Lauren, a friend, gave me my first opportunity in the film industry as Craft Service. This job would focus me and show me that I possessed the skills to thrive in the food industry. This and the advent of social media would give me “legiti­macy.” That November, I incorpo­rated, made business cards, and started Sexy Batch Baking Com­Sexy


The rest is, as the kids say, history.

QS: Where did the name Sexy Batch originate?

Nieves: It’s a play on words for a nickname given to me in my high school years. Going to FIT and being one of the few straight males at the time, I was given the name “Sexy B#@ch,” and it has stuck with me my whole life.

QS: Did you have formal train­ing, or did you jump into the baking business?

Nieves: I have not had any for­mal training. Everything I learned about cooking and baking was from cookbooks and trial and error. There were a lot of tasty recipe fails, though. A favorite cookbook at the time was and still is The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook. A lot of people read fan­tasy or fiction books. I read cook­books.

QS: What are some of the fla­vors you offer?

Nieves: A fan favorite is Nutella Chocolate Chip, but some of my favorites are my Orange Dark Chocolate Chunk (using Abi­nao 85% dark Valrhona Chocolate), The Playground (it’s Guanaja 70% dark chocolate with marshmallows folded into the dough and rolled in Kettle Brand potato chips), and my Gluten-Free Fig & Grana Padano.


QS: What are some of your fa­vorite places and things to do in As­toria?

Nieves: I can be found most days at Dutchkills Fitness working out, eating at The Bonnie, ordering sandwiches at Compton’s, making deliveries to Chateau Le Woof, having coffee, and sharing stories with the community.

QS: What’s in the future for

Batch Baking Company?

Nieves: Well, Sexy Batch Baking Company is not really a cookie company. Nor is it really a baking company. It’s more of a movement. I had to start my vision of changing the world someplace, so I started with cookies. My plans are in decades. My first step is to open my brick-and-mortar location in a small building in Astoria. However long it takes, buy the building we’re in; however long after that, buy a farm upstate. Somewhere in that timeline, I want to create a school for inner-city kids to teach them life skills. Think Home Economics, but more expansive.

For more on Sexy Batch you can find it on the following platforms:

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @SEXYBATCH_NYC www.sexybatch.nyc

—Melissa Mennona

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