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New York has given birth to some of the most captivating and trendsetting artists of our time. Indie-pop artist Julia Wolf (aka WOLF) only started releas­ing music out of her bedroom in Queens at the end of 2019. Since the official release of “Ghost,” Julia Wolf has accumulated nearly 50 million streams to date, proving herself a force to be reckoned with. The release of her single “Immortale” garnered new fans from Italy as she brought parts of her heritage into her music by singing in Italian. Fast forward to now, following direct support slots opening for Fletcher and an epic Governors Ball performance — Julia is set to release her highly-anticipated debut album be­ginning with the release of the infectious first single “Hot Killer.”

They say it’s the quiet ones you’ve got to watch out for – and indie-pop darling Julia Wolf shows why on her new single, “Get Off My.” The self-described quiet girl from Long Island calls out those who blew her off in the early days, only to return and try to take credit for her success as combined global streams of her songs soar past the 50 million mark. “Get Off My,” is the third single from Julia’s forthcoming debut album, which will be released by BMG in early 2023. The video has been featured on the YouTube Times Square billboard as of September 30.



The young Italian-American artist is the definition of DIY: writing all of her own music and creating her own artwork, including the cover art for “Get Off My”.

Julia was chosen as one of Spotify’s coveted 2021 Fresh Finds artists and is also part of the YouTube Artists In Residence program. Billboard praised the way “her pop vocals skate over a bass-heavy, hip-hop inspired beat” on “Hot Killer.” PAPER and V Magazine put “Virginity” on their lists of the week’s best new music upon its release in August. Her songs serve as the brave voice for a generation that understands you don’t have to be the loudest in the room to be heard.

NB: Other than the amazing diversity, what do you love most about living in Queens?

JW: I love the constant energy around here. While still a city there’s something about this bor­ough that feels small and familiar. I surprisingly know my neighbors and am always feeling the sup­port from the loving music community here. It’s where I got my real start in performing. Everyone was so encouraging when I first started playing that it made a huge impact on me coming out of my shell and believing in the music I was making.

NB: What advice do you have for readers who are aspiring indie-pop artists?

JW: Don’t be afraid of teaching your­self!! That’s what I did and it saved me a lot of time, executing exactly what it was in my head rather than going back and forth with people who kept trying to change my ideas.

NB: What was performing at Gover­nors Ball at Citi Field like?

JW: I was speechless when the oppor­tunity came to us. I couldn’t believe the people of Gov Ball knew I existed, let alone offered me a spot to play. It was such an honor, I was truly so grateful for every minute of that experience. Jack Har­low has been one of my absolute favorite artists for many years now, so having his trailer right across from mine wasn’t too bad either!!

NB: What are your favorite venues to perform at in Queens?

JW: When I was first starting, I played every bar within walking distance from me and those were some of my absolute favorite places. I loved Quays Pub, The Wolfhound, and Shillelagh Tavern to name a few.

NB: If you could write a song about Queens, what would it be called and what would some of its themes be?

JW: It would be called “2 am Bodega” because they simply don’t exist in other cities I’ve been to, and for that it deserves a title. I love the sense of com­munity here and how you can always rely on the city to have a place for you. My family would also be a huge part of it since we’re so tight knit and all here to­gether.

NB: Do you have any events or proj­ects coming up that you’d like to promote?

JW: I just announced my first ever headlining tour! The tickets just went on sale. It’s been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember and the fact that it’s fi­nally here doesn’t feel real. I can’t wait to go out there and meet all the people who support me, without them none of this would be possible.

—Nicollette Barsamian

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