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“Birds of a feather flock together” and if birds migrate north and south and spend a big chunk of time in Queens as they traverse the globe, then we should be able to see several beautiful species of glorious birds as they travel past us. Of course they have no idea – at least we don’t think they do – that we are watching them and marveling at them, and listening to the beautiful melodic sounds that they make. But whether it’s a baby sparrow that lives here all the time, a local pigeon or whatever other birds are crossing our path we must keep in mind that they are going to the place that would be best for them, starting in late summer.

As a testimonial to the beautiful birds we have in our midst, Melissa Mennona shot a photo in Astoria Park of the majestic hawk that graces the cover of the August Queens Scene. We are fortunate that this is our neighborhood and our city. In the heart of Queens, from one end to the other, we will have all kinds of birds starting to migrate soon, so go on out and enjoy the birds and enjoy the rest of the summer.—Tony Barsamian, Publisher

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