Building Upward

On The Cover This month’s Queens Scene is a tribute to the real estate market and industry in Astoria. There is a reason the snow melts faster in Astoria: our neighborhood is Hot Hot Hot! Buildings are blooming everywhere. Every time you look up, you see a crane and new construction. On this month’s cover is Schuman Properties’ brand-new building […]

From The Publisher

It’s 2018, the New Year. We are already well into the first month. Time really does fly, and it seems to go faster and faster, like a roller coaster, but with a little more steadiness, we hope. I want to wish all our readers a very Happy New Year! We hope you’re having a great one so far. Try to […]

Makin’ The Scene

Screenprinting Workshop($140) w/Jeff Bradley. Tix &info intro-to-screenprinting.AlterWork Studios, 30-09 35Ave, Jan 13, 10:30 am-1:30 pm.Introduction to Pottery Wheel($375) 6 week course, including1 bag of clay, 2 firings, tools,glazes, storage & 18 hrs of studio time, w/ instructor SarahPatterson. Tix & info at to-pottery-wheel-2bn5j. Starts Jan 18, 7-10 pm.Creative Writing Workshop($10 Suggested Donation) Thisweek: constructing powerfulopenings. The Astoria Bookshop, […]

Renter’s Insurance: Protect Yourself

Your home needs to be insured; you can’t predict what bad things will happen and how much they will cost you. “Anyone who rents a home or apartment should have renters’ insurance. While a landlord typically has homeowner’s insurance coverage for the physical dwelling, as a renter, you need insurance to cover your personal property, such as clothing, furniture or […]

The Year of the Fan Movie

It’s certainly true that consumers drive the content that shows up on our screens, big and small. The simplistic principle of “make something people will want to watch” is an age-old one, honored by content creators since the dawn of the film age. However, recently it seems that there has never been a time wherein multimillion dollar franchises are catering […]

Muppets, Matisse & Memory At Museum Of The Moving Image

The Museum of the Moving Image is a favorite Astoria landmark, with its eye-catching cross-hatched glass facade. The media museum exists to expand our understanding of visual media, from films and television to video games. With theaters, and exhibition and educational spaces, the museum continues to enlighten the public. A core part of the museum’s programming is their screenings. With […]

Curtain Rising On Luxury Units At ‘The Silver Star’

The curtain is about to rise on the opening act of the “The Silver Star,” a 10-story, 135,000-square-foot, mixed-use building developed by Silver Star Motors, one of New York City’s premiere Mercedes-Benz auto dealerships. The “The Silver Star,” at 34-17 Northern Boulevard, features 85 rental apartments above two floors occupied by Silver Star Motors. The rental units start on the […]

The ‘Magic’ Of Snow

A fresh blanket of snow brings a certain ambiance and beauty to the neighborhoods of Queens. After a fresh snowfall life becomes still. Most people either absolutely love or hate the snow. Personally I love the snow for both its beauty and the opportunity to have a snowball fight. Although many of us are familiar with the problems that the […]

Crafting Away The Winter Blues

The post-holiday winter freeze causes many of us to do one or several of the following: Eat Shop online Watch football Create something beautiful – maybe for Valentine’s Day! If the fourth option appeals to you, there’s something for everybody. Rudy’s Hobby & Art at 35-16 30th Avenue in Astoria specializes in art supplies, puzzles and model kits from Revell […]

No Hootenannies After 10 PM

Great roommates are like unicorns – beautiful, magical, and almost entirely the stuff of legend. Besides the stories that your friends have told you – “once I was sad and my roommate came home with a bottle of great wine and my favorite movie!” – and the rosy depictions of them on TV shows, like “Friends” and “How I Met […]