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Meet Astoria

Astoria, it’s a happening spot where not only does the natural wildlife blossom, but the people who reside in the neighborhood blossom as well. Since the inception of this magazine the neighborhood has gained many new staples and has lost some of its most beloved residents. 

Meet Astoria

This month we decided to get out of the park, off the streets and jump on the train to meet the community. We have to say, we weren’t disappointed with who we met. A native Astorian who embodies what this community is about. A young professional that is passionate about the arts, her neighborhood and food. Talk about a total win-win-win. 

Meet Astoria

Every few months we have the pleasure of making the poetic gesture of changing seasons. We get the chance to say that spring has turned to summer, and summer to fall, but for some reason we never really get a full understanding of winter. Winter is the season that for us New Yorkers always has us scratching our heads. 

Meet Astoria

This past month we experienced what is known as Snowpocalypse. Appropriately titled, the blizzard was one that prevented many from leaving their homes, but welcomed explorers to wander about. Amid the slush-filled streets we met a California-born Astoria resident named Alison. Here’s what she had to say: 

Shake Off Winter S.A.D. At The Library

The holiday season ends, the weather becomes colder and nastier, days are darker and shorter, bank accounts are emptier, and most of us just want to take a nice, long winter’s nap and let the season pass.

Meet Astoria

New Astoria, Old Astoria, when it comes down to brass tacks, what’s the real difference? Probably not much, especially when we can all agree on one thing: the food! For this edition of Meet Astoria we were thrilled to talk with a Queens native whose roots are planted here at the forefront of one of the most booming pockets of Astoria: No-Stein. 

Meet Astoria

As we wind down the year, it’s time to reflect on whether we’ll wind up on the Naughty or Nice List this year. There’s been a lot of change in the neighborhood, some of it welcome, and some not as much. 

Meet Astoria: Gina Almona, The Hairdresser Who Cares

Tucked into the middle of the booming “Lower Steinway” area is a beauty shop that is steeped in tradition – Blo It Out is the cozy salon that is now a staple for Astoria natives and newcomers alike. With decades of experience under their belt, Blo It Out is led by fearless owner, Gina Almona.

Acupuncture 101

All right, so I knew acupuncture involved inserting really thin needles through skin, at points on the body a person may have pain. The needles can be placed to various depths. Apparently, this process yields pain relief and I’ve also read that some cancer patients may get relief from nausea/vomiting resulting from chemotherapy. 

Shape Up NYC Brings Fitness To Queens

Anyone who struggles to fit exercise into their daily routine knows it can be a difficult task to find motivation. However, regular exercise is a vital part of health, and the benefits to staying active are endless—from warding off heart disease and diabetes to remaining physically fit well into old age.