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Victoria Hristoff

Victoria Hristoff is a “raging intersectional feminist, Aquarius, and Queens native,” who was born and raised in Bayside. During her 23 years of life she’s moved from Queens to various neighborhoods of Manhattan (Murray Hill, Gramercy, Chinatown/LES), Rome for six months, and now Crown Heights, Brooklyn. She is bilingual, speaking Greek and English.

Vitality & Health Market

Vitality & Health Market has you covered for your holiday shopping needs AND your New Year’s resolutions. 

Annual PJ Drive A Huge Success

The Eighth Annual PJ Drive hosted by Monika’s Café, organizer Maria L. Delgado and Assembly Member Aravella Simotas, was a huge success. The community donated plenty of new pajamas, for newborns through 18 years, and books to encourage children nationwide to read and to show children they care.

Roasted Butternut and Quinoa Salad

Beware of Quinoa! No, we’re kidding. Quinoa is prepared nearly the same as white rice, but as a whole grain it is highly nutritious, super high in protein and fiber, making it a lowglycemic top choice for those watching their blood sugar and/or weight. It is also, most importantly filling and satisfying.

Cabbage & Beet Stew To Warm Your Soul

Fall is one of the best times of the year, the leaves change color, the oppressive heat lifts. But now that it’s finally cooling off outside, we want to warm up. You may be daydreaming about a warm stove with something tasty simmering on top. It is also a time for celebration and gathering with loved ones. 

Persimmon and Butternut Squash Soup

And now for something totally unexpected – fruit in your soup! Don’t panic, we have not gone loopy. Soup is amazingly versatile and filling. Some soups are even meant to be served cold. This dish is rich and satisfying, and it will make you wonder what you ever saw in meat.  


Kirk Riley is a co-founder of Otis & Finn barber shop. Before opening the shop, he was a barber in Manhattan. He’s worked in the fashion industry for 10 years. A Queens resident for many years now, Kirk wanted to open a shop in the borough that provided high-quality traditional barbering services while also creating a place for neighbors to come, meet and get to know one another. 

Hip To Hip’s Shakespeare In The ParkS

Hip to Hip Theatre Company presents its free Shakespeare in the parks series. Not to be confused with Shakespeare in the Park in Central Park, this non-profit arts organization delivers free, family-friendly and professional productions to audiences in parks throughout the city. 

Meet Astoria:

Ahhhhhh…the midnight snack. A terror to all fitness buffs and bingeeaters alike. Unless you were proactive enough in your food shopping to secure a healthy alternative to the chocolate ice cream languidly waiting within your freezer to be consumed, you probably don’t have any other choice but to maintain your dieting habits. 

Meet Astoria:

We have no qualms about boasting that we’re one of the most diverse parts of the most diverse borough in the world. And when we lay claim to such an extravagant line, we often find ourselves asked for proof. And what better way to tell someone how diverse Astoria is than with relaying the countless food options available to us?