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Send In Your Selfies – And ‘Groupies’ On Sparkling Steinway!

Christmas lights are in full holiday bloom on Steinway Street.

Bodhi Leaf Designs

Queens crafter Kirsten Penaloza is the founder and owner of Bodhi Leaf Designs based out of Jackson Heights. Her include natural, vegan and eco-friendly products with messages that inspire strength, love and happiness, while promoting sustainability.

Meet Astoria

Meet Astoria this month welcomes Christine Gibson, owner of Queens Knits, her own small business of handmade knitwear. Christine is born and raised in Flushing, but is now married and raising a family in Astoria. She studied international relations and worked for some New York-based non-profits, but has been a stay-at-home mom and owner of Queens Knits, for the last couple of years.

Meet Astoria

This month’s Meet Astoria profile is about Jennifer Weil or known to some on Instagram as @Astoriabout. Born in Houston, TX, Jennifer calls Atlanta home, after Astoria. Jennifer and her mom picked up and moved every two or so years when she was growing up, mostly between Tennessee and Georgia.

Meet Astoria

At the Queens Scene we love to know the latest happenings in Astoria. When we found the Instagram for @30thavebusiness we knew this was an Instagram to follow. 

Be The Ball In A Soccer Game!

Astoria Sports Complex (34-38 38th Street, Suite 1) is now offering Be The Ball, also known as Bubble Soccer—a unique variation on soccer that allows you to “become a ball” by encasing your body in a soft, blow-up hamster ball type outfit. Imagine yourself resembling a giant ball with legs! You will be well-padded, so if you get knocked over, it will feel good! 

Super Chunky, Cozy Hand-Knit Scarves

Local artist and crafter Alison Trimer moved to Astoria over a year ago. She is the creator of Along the Way, creations made for everyday life inspired by everyday people you meet “along the way.”

Definitive Workouts Coming To Astoria

Orangetheory Fitness is coming to Astoria this fall! They will be located off 31st Street and Broadway, right under the N/W subway line. Orangetheory Fitness is a one-hour full-body workout that focuses on strength, power, and endurance. You can burn up to 500 calories during your workout and even more calories for up to 36 hours post-workout. 

Women’s Empowerment Group Launched

Ladies First Astoria is a new, real-world social network of women supporting women in their community. The group was co-founded by two Astoria residents, Renee Heitmann and Nicole Panettieri. Heitmann is a singer and private voice teacher who also runs Single Girl Cookies, a baking business with a mission to spread kindness throughout the community.

Pilates in the Park

June’s fitness spotlight is Pilates in the Park. If you want a workout that is outdoors this summer, look no further than Pilates in the Park, led by Lynette Pettinicchi, a mat Pilates-certified instructor. The series takes place in Astoria Park every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm.