Astoria Is Margaritaville

This Cinco de Mayo, or any time you might be looking for the best Margarita to complement your delicious Mexican dish or to help you unwind after a long day on the job, you need look no further than these two hot spots known for their unique and creative take on this favorite concoction.  ************** 

What Does Cinco De Mayo Actually Celebrate?

Although widely understood as such, the holiday is in fact not Mexico’s Independence Day, which is celebrated September 16. Cinco de Mayo, or the Fifth of May commemorates the victory of the Mexican militia over the French army at The Battle of Puebla in 1862. 

Neighborhood Spotlight: Aladdin Sweets And Restaurant

Konstantin Uzhinsky
Sometimes you discover new things for yourself, even though they’ve been around for a long time. Sometimes these places are right in your own neighborhood. Aladdin Sweets and Restaurant was this kind of fortuitous discovery. 

Don’t Hibernate Just Yet

November is here and cool days and chilly nights are upon us, leaving us seeking appropriate activities during the temperature drop. There are still many things to enjoy – here are a few highlighting everything we love about Astoria in the fall. 

Troma Continues Z-Movie Tradition In Western Queens

—Jason D. Antos
When it comes to filmmaking in Western Queens, Kaufman Astoria Studios will immediately come to mind. It was here that classics like Marx Brothers comedies, as well as The Verdict (1982), The Wiz (1979) and more recently, the hit show Orange Is The New Black have been produced. 

Historia: Oktoberfest

The worldwide beer celebration hits Astoria in a big way. The two-week festival that occurs annually in Munich, Germany is attended by nearly six million people each year, and 2014 marks the 181st celebration of Oktoberfest. Although, Astoria’s population isn’t quite as large, we will be partaking in the celebration nonetheless. 

PoP Art Toy Show at the Bao Shoppe

Taylor Kang
Pop culture quite literally takes shape in Peter Yip and Berto Ray Barreto’s latest project – the Pop Art Toy Show at the Bao Shoppe on 30-66 Steinway Street, available to the public until October 1, 2014.    

The Ultimate Astoria Date Night

Chris Pizzolo
Ok, so summer's here and since Citi bike has neglected New York's most beloved boro we must take it upon ourselves to create a top notch night without having to endure a sweaty subway. Below is your game plan on how to score big in romance category. 

This Wednesday: Movies under the stars

Laura Laucella
Don't feel like paying $12.50 for a movie?  I don't blame you. Instead, check out the International Film Festival at Socrates Sculpture Park. Every Wednesday there will be a screening of movies from different parts of the world.

Tunes & Taverns

Ok, so whether you’re an Astoria native or new to our neighborhood, you’ve got to know that music is very much alive and well in Astoria. This month we are going to give a tip of the cap to some artists with roots in Astoria, and some houses that host great music nights.  Mister Wives