Outdoor Cinema at Socrates Sculpture Park

Locals can embrace the cultural diversity of Queens with the screening of international films at Outdoor Cinema in Socrates Sculpture Park (32-01 Vernon Blvd., LIC). Running from July 6th through August 24th, a unique country or culture has been selected for each Wednesday night screening of the summer. 

Watch Parties, Stories, Stand-Up At Q.E.D Astoria

Q.E.D Astoria, the “after-school” for grown ups, café and event space run by Astoria native Kambri Crews, located at 27-16 23rd Ave., Astoria, each month puts on a ton of shows and classes aimed toward adults. In the past, some examples of the classes they have put on are: Knitting 101 and the Basics of Drawing for the Graphic Novel.

Tunes & Taverns

Perhaps the most exciting part about being in Astoria in the summer is the amount of options at your disposal every night. On Monday you can see a movie, on Tuesday you can laugh at stand up comedy, on Wednesday you can enjoy an elegant dinner, on Thursday you can imbibe a drink and catch up with old friends over a sports game and on Friday you can walk along the water at Astoria Park.

Ultimate Date Nights

Alright, so you and that lucky someone swiped right at the same time, and now you’re wondering, what are we going to do? Don’t worry Casanova, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our ultimate date night guide in Astoria!  

Tunes & Taverns

We were recently given the distinct pleasure of interviewing Juan de Marcos González via the fine folks at Astoria Soundworks Studios. For those who are unfamiliar with Mr. González’ work, he is most notably known as the bandleader of both the Afro-Cuban Allstars, and the Buena Vista Social Club. 

Out And About Town

At Q.E.D. (27-16 23rd Avenue) Peter Bandyk, Chris Gersbeck and Lauren Hope Krass will perform stand up comedy in “Casual Sets” May 12th, 19th, 26th and June 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23th at this free event. Interested in crime? At Infamous Crime Scenes as hosted by Ike Ilkiw you can learn about twelve NYC crime stories on May 15 from 3 to 4 pm. 

Tunes & Taverns

For this edition of Tunes & Taverns we happily returned to the music headquarters of Astoria, HiFi Records & Cafe. The cozy No-Stein record shop has garnered a radically positive reputation in the community, not only for its selection of great music, but for being a safe haven of creativity and performances within the community.  

Tunes & Taverns

Now that spring has officially sprung the streets of Astoria seem to be getting a little more crowded at night with folks looking for that perfect hang. Luckily we’ve got you covered.

Impermanent Landscape

As part of a larger project exploring the way in which visual art is perceived, Impermanent Landscape will incorporate architecture and geometry to explore the concepts of cubism, perspective, perception, and impermanence through dance. The evening length performances, held March 17-19 at 8 pm, and March 20 at 5 pm, celebrate Valerie Green/Dance Entropy’s 10th anniversary. 

Tunes & Taverns:

Tunes: Mixed Doubles: Mixed Doubles is a Queens based two-piece that draws comparisons to the beloved Rodrigo y Gabriella for the wildly fabulous acoustic duets and harmonious riffs and rhythms that are beyond transcendent. We got a chance to catch up wtih Lisa Liu, one-half of the group, to chat about their history and influences.