Destined To Become Your Fave Hangouts

Queens has always been a place of emerging foods and restaurants—and Astoria is no exception to this. Living in Astoria is a blessing and a curse: when the streets are lined with great places to grab food and beverages, it’s difficult to make up your mind and choose a place to dine out. So we chose some ideal spots for great eats and drinks to suit your mood. 

Queens’ Small Batch Breweries

Queens is a borough of rich cultural diversity that encompasses cultures from all over the world. These various cultures have all made contributions, some of which can be found in the local breweries that are scattered throughout Queens. Although there may not be many breweries in Queens you can be sure that you will be drinking quality beer. 

2 Breweries in the Heart of Astoria

Bridge & Tunnel, the first true garage-based, nano-brewing company in New York City, started in the heart of Astoria. It is owned by Rich and Lisa Castagna. In 2015 this small brewery expanded from nano-status to a micro brewery. 

Have A Super Super Bowl!

If you don’t want to spend your Super Bowl in the house this year, or at some stranger’s party, consider heading out into the neighborhood for a Super Bowl 51 extravaganza! Leave the cooking and the cleaning for another day, and step into one of Astoria’s most well-loved institutions for food, fun, and fantastic drink specials, all while watching the game of the year.

Tunes & Taverns

We just can’t get enough of The Strand Smokehouse here in Astoria, and who can blame us! If you haven’t been to The Strand yet, you must go (25-27 Broadway in Astoria). The Smokehouse is the perfect mix of BBQ comfort food and drinks, and they always have amazing live music. They serve delicious BBQ all day long, as well as your favorite drinks – in mason jars.

Ring In 2017 Right!

Weren’t invited to some hot-shot, exclusive New Year’s Eve party this year? Still looking for something celebratory to do up New Year’s Eve right? Set the tone for a HAPPY New Year, as opposed to alone, watching the ball drop on your TV and drinking $10 champagne. Never fear; we are here for you, so that you can ring in the New Year cheerily. 

Cronin & Phelan’s

If you’re looking for a night out of food, fun, and drinks – Cronin & Phelan is the place to go. On a Friday night when you want to have a good time and relax with a nice drink and share a few laughs among friends, you will enjoy the atmosphere at Cronin’s. Cronin & Phelan’s Bar and Restaurant is located at 38-14 Broadway in Astoria. 

QED Lights Up The Night

Creative doesn’t begin to describe the conglomeration of programming at a place called QED (Astoria’s “Place to Show and Tell,” 27-16 23rd Ave). They have Happy Hours and Open Mics galore, but that’s only the beginning. If you like comedy and creativity, both participating and as an audience, check them out. 

Tunes & Taverns:

And the beat goes on…  Celebrating one year of vinyl in Astoria 

Movie Screenings In Queens

Take advantage of the evenings’ cooler temps with more fun outdoor screening locations across the borough. Bring a folding chair, yoga mat or blanket, some snacks and good company to see:  “The Wizard of Oz” – Athens Square Park, Astoria - July 24, 8:30-10:30 pm