Tunes and Taverns: Oliver’s

The holidays are, by nature, a somewhat stressful time. Everyone seems to be bustling this way and that, rushing to get shopping for loved ones done and meals planned and completed, and no one has time to sit back, enjoy a beer and relax. 

Elegant Entertainment At The Astor Room

The legendary Astor Room restaurant, at 35-15 35th Avenue, has a mix of entertainment scheduled for November. Located at Kaufman Astoria Studios, the Astor Room was established 2011 in a historic space that was once home to the Paramount Pictures commissary during cinema’s silent era. 

Refuel At Joe’s Garage Bar

Looking for a new spot in the neighborhood? Check out Joe’s Garage Bar, located at 45-01 23rd Avenue in Astoria. 

Exciting Productions Coming To Queens Theatre

“Queens Theatre’s 29th season will feature some of the most exciting work ever on our stages,” announced Executive Director Taryn Sacramone at a news conference unveiling the upcoming performances for 2017-18. 

Party In Another Dimension

Quiet Events is an Astoria-based company that has been operating since 2012, and was founded by William Petz, a Queens native who lives in Astoria, where his office is located. Will is a published author, inventor, world traveler, cancer survivor and a passionate entrepreneur who enjoys life. 

Athens Square Park Greek Nights

The sounds of New York City life are robust and loud in the streets of Astoria. The trains overhead on the tracks, cars in the street, food vendors on the corner, the local bodegas and their denizens, the outdoor restaurant crowd and more come together to form a constant stream of stimulus. 

Q.E.D., Where You Can Dance, Meditate, Sell Your Comedy Pilot...

Q.E.D. offers affordable classes and shows, and activities like arts and crafts, stand-up comedy, DIY projects, poetry slams, tastings, game nights, improv, and more. Below are some events they will hold in the following months:   Sugar and Spice Erotica Open Mic Nite (August 22, 10:00 pm-11:30 pm) 

Q.E.D Gives A Voice To Local Artists

The local performance space and arts education establishment, Q.E.D., has been providing artists from all over a chance to showcase their talents and teach others their various art forms since late 2014. Comedic storyteller Kambri Crews started the space; it became a popular destination for comedians and comedy lovers, but branched out to involve all types of performances and lessons. 

ICONYC Brewing Company’s New Taproom

It’s a small storefront on 34th Avenue – quiet and reserved; a pleasant reprieve from the hustle and bustle of Astoria’s more populated streets – but don’t let the ICONYC Taproom’s small stature fool you. Inside are a plethora of ales and IPAs to sate even the pickiest of taste buds. 

Don’t Miss Out On Dim Sum

Walk down Flushing’s Main Street, and you should not be surprised to see three dim sum restaurants on the same block. Dim sum, or little Chinese snacks, are popular eats in Chinese culture. Its roots stem back to the Han Dynasty, when travelers on the ancient Silk Road needed a place to rest. Therefore, teahouses were established along the roadside.