Favela Grill

Warm up this winter with a visit to Favela Grill for the true taste of sunny Brazil. Few countries celebrate food, music, and love quite like Brazil does. Choose Favela Grill for your Valentine’s Day celebration and ignite some passion in your life.

Uncle Jack’s Meat House

Warm up with an exceptional meal at Uncle Jack’s Meat House, where the name says it all! If you’re a vegan, you might want to turn the page now, but if you enjoy meat in all its juicy forms, there’s no place like Uncle Jack’s Meat House.


It’s not surprising that Wine Stop is considered the best wine and liquor shop in Astoria by so many locals. Just read the reviews and read on now to learn why. Every day is special at Wine Stop with its impressive selection of carefully selected wines, spirits, and hand-crafted bourbons and whiskeys.
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