Getting Involved With The Queens Literary Scene

New York is known as the literary center of the country. With publishing houses, independent bookstores, workshops, and readings, the city attracts many professional and aspiring writers who inspire the community. This year, check out and maybe participate in Queens’ growing literary scene.

Astoria Performing Arts Center Presents: Queen

Queen, written by Madhuri Shekar and directed by J. Mehr Kaur, tells the story of two female scientists, Sanam and Ariel, who have spent the past seven years researching vanishing bee populations across the globe. Just as they are about to publish a careerdefining paper, Sanam stumbles upon an error which could cause catastrophic damage to their reputations, careers, and friendship.

Noguchi’s Center Of Attention

The Noguchi Museum hosts its continuing series, Center of Attention, a guided conversation about a single, displayed work of art. Employees and patrons studied and discussed Okiagari-Koboshi, a 2018 piece by Jorge Palacios on Sunday, Jan. 13. 

How to Afford a Pricier House In The Neighborhood You Love

When Danielle and Jimmy returned to their home state after three years living abroad, they spent the next six months looking for their first home.  "Location was so important to us. They found the perfect neighborhood: Bay View, Wisconsin. They also found a house in a perfect location, right across from a park, with a lovely view of Lake Michigan. 

A Healthy, Winter-Ready Home

When chilly weather arrives and the days get shorter, chances are good you’ll spend the majority of your days indoors. Before you start your hibernation, it’s a good idea to ensure your home is up to the task. Put your well-being at the top of the list with these ideas to help ensure a health-conscious home. Encourage better air quality 
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