Martha’s Country Bakery

Holiday season is in full swing and with so many tasks on your “To Do List,” it’s important to take a moment for yourself to relax over a foamy cappuccino and a slice of decadent layer cake or flaky crusted fruit pie. If you’re lucky enough to live in Queens or Brooklyn, you’re never too far from the intoxicating aromas emanating from Martha’s Country Bakery with its five popular locations.

The Queens Gazette simplifies things for you with its Top 10 List of freshly baked treats from Martha’s Country Bakery. This sweet and humble list was compiled with the assistance of Barbara, the friendly manager of the Ditmars Blvd. location, who considered the loyal customers’ favorites.

Without further ado, here is the Martha’s Country Bakery’s Top 10 List: 10. French style macarons: (pronounced mah-cahrahn) These petite, colorful, dainty confections make an excel 9. Triple chocolate mousse layer cake: Five beautiful words that come together in sweet harmony. 8. OREO cheesecake: Does it get any better? To be fair, all of the cheesecakes here are great, including pumpkin cheesecake, peanut butter, white chocolate raspberry, I could go on. 7. Tiramisu: This Italian treat will lift your spirits, along with a steaming cup of espresso from the coffee bar at Martha’s. 6. PIES, PIES, PIES: Pumpkin, apple, sour cream apple, cherry, pecan….order NOW!! 5. Vegan cake slices: Strawberry cheesecake, carrot cake, and chocolate fudge brownies that taste as rich and delicious as non-vegan varieties. 4. Banana and Nutella crème brulee: So outrageously delicious and very Instagram-able! 3. Warm chocolate lava cake: Slip your spoon into this delicate souffle style cake, and watch it ooze with melted chocolate lava. 2. Banana pudding: This is a cup of nostalgia, made with fresh bananas and creamy pudding that will make you want to call your grandmother and tell her you love her. Drum roll please…and the Number 1 reason to visit Martha’s Country Bakery….. 1. Berry Napoleon: Layers of light, flaky pastry slathered with fresh cream and mixed berries. This monumental dessert deserves a salute.

It doesn’t stop there. There are dozens more varieties of cakes, cookies, muffins, pound cake, cinnamon sticks, scones, and Greek pastries at Martha’s Country Bakery. The coffee bar at the back brews excellent coffee and coffee drinks, hot or cold. Teas, chai, chai lattes, cold brews, steamed hot chocolate, and every imaginable caffeine concoction is available, to go or to stay and relax at one of their many cozy tables.

Owner and baker George Stertsios and partner Tony Zannikos incorporate only the finest ingredients in all the items at Martha’s Country Bakery’s five locations. Place your holiday orders now for pies and cakes, cupcake trays and more. Remember, Martha’s has exquisitely decorated occasion cakes 365 days a year with any specialty theme you can imagine. Make your child’s birthday cake an edible dream come true. Martha’s five locations are open from 6:00am to midnight. You can taste the quality ingredients in every mouthwatering bite and the coffee is superb. Visit Martha’s Country Bakery and take some time for yourself while you check some items off your list. Happy Holidays!

36-21 Ditmars Blvd.  Astoria (718) 545-9737
70-28 Austin Street  Forest Hills (718) 544-0088
41-06 Bell Blvd.  Bayside (718) 225-5200
263 Bedford Ave.  Williamsburg (718) 599.0900
175 Bedford Ave.  Williamsburg (718) 486.0500

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