Creatives Meetup At QED

QED Astoria was founded to bring Astoria together, as a community, with laughter, drinks and good fun. Every month on the first Wednesday, they hold an Astoria Creatives Meetup. People from artistic fields including, but not limited to, writing, graphic design, film, etc.can meet to network and have a nice time on an evening off. On 23rd Avenue, just off of 27th Street, an event can always be attended at the QED, whether it is a comedy show, art show, or drama.

I had the pleasure of meeting Nick Hoefly, the host of the evening. Previously, the Astoria Creatives Meetups were held throughout Astoria in different venues, such as The Strand Bar, Bohemian Hall and Astoria Coffee. Since the opening of the QED, however, Nick Hoefly has chosen to preside there until further notice. Nick has a background in graphic design. He is from Florida and went to Central Florida University. He came to New York to pursue graphic design, because it is a big field here and in California, and he liked the idea of New York. He has worked with numerous companies, designing animation for them, with a focus on children’s animation. A good few of the attendees make a living off of graphic design. It was very interesting to hear about, as it has continued to evolve with digital advances.

The evening was a great success. It was a great opportunity to meet people from different fields and even find common ground with someone in a completely different field. This event proved to be a success from the very beginning, when the first meeting over three years ago had 50 attendees. I look forward to attending the networking event, as well as other QED events, in coming months.

—Emily Sweeney

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