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Professional organizer, Drea Montali. Well-organized spaces give you better access to all your stuff. Drea Montali and her tools of the trade. Professional organizer, Drea Montali. Well-organized spaces give you better access to all your stuff. Drea Montali and her tools of the trade. Living in New York City, we all know how tiny apartments can be and how valuable space is. Most of us try to make do with whatever little nooks and crannies we can find to stuff our belongings into. Or worse, our belongings take up residence on our tables, chairs and floorspace. If you are feeling stressed by your disorganized living space, we have the solution: Professional organizer, Drea Montali.

Drea was born in Woodside, and now resides in Astoria with her husband. After 10-plus years in the fashion industry and working at custom closet systems for California Closets, she decided to start her own professional organization company called Dream Organization, based here in her hometown of Queens and specializing in home organization, small spaces, closet design and sustainable living. As a native New Yorker, Drea understands the challenges of small spaces and lack of storage a lot of us deal with. Inspired by minimalism and a “less is more” approach, her goal is to help others love what they have and not be overwhelmed by clutter—turning dream closets into reality.

One of the most fulfilling parts of being a professional organizer is helping clients discover how being organized can save households money, time, energy and reduce stress. Whether you need help organizing your home or office, she has the skills to help you reach that goal.

Making over closets in Astoria can be done. Oftentimes, according to Drea, spaces aren’t being utilized to their maximum potential. It’s crazy how much more you can fit into a closet with the right organizing accessories. “Closets are my happy place,” she says.

As a testimonial to Drea’s skills, she was hired by Children’s Aid NYC, a not-for-profit organization, to help a lovely young couple and their two babies make the best out of their room in a homeless shelter. She helped rearrange the room to make it feel more spacious. She organized their belongings and taught the family about time management, the importance of keeping their lives organized and gave them tips and tricks to manage their to-do list.

Now is the time to get organized! Back to school is here followed by the holidays, so let Drea help you save space, be organized and less stressed out. With help from Drea and her Dream Organization, what you thought was an impossible, disorganized mess can be tackled.

The Dream process includes a complimentary consultation where she will assess the situation. Together you will pick storage and accessories that fit your style. If you find items in the process that you don’t need, Drea will make a complimentary trip to donate clothing, accessories and your small items to a charity of your choice.

For more on Dream Organization, check out her website, email her at or follow her on Instagram @dream_ organization.

You can make your dream living space a reality!—Melissa Mennona

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