Of The Party The Life

It was the old-fashioned way of telling your neighbors “the party is over here” and it is still used at graduations, celebrations, special occasions and even used by the military to this day— we’re talking about the balloon.

It has been around since long before rubber or latex would be used as the primary material of balloons, with inventors such as Galileo inflating pig bladders in an experiment to measure the weight of air. The first rubber balloon was created by British scientist Michael Faraday in 1824 in his lab at the Royal Institution in London.

Experimenting with hydrogen, Faraday used two rubber sheets coated with flour in the middle to prevent sticking and sealed the edges by pressing the rubber together. This was the first rubber balloon to be invented.

Its uses since this invention varied from weather balloons, hot air balloons, and military use, but what we use them for in our everyday life is for celebrations. They are cheap, colorful, and come in many shapes and sizes, so they are the perfect way to celebrate any birthday or special occasion.

Not only do they come in rubber latex form but are now available in Mylar, which holds helium longer than latex does and is easier to imprint with images such as cartoon characters.

Nowadays balloons go hand-in-hand with birthdays and special occasions such as baby showers, gender reveal parties, and graduations.

No matter what the occasion is, bringing a balloon will be sure to make everyone smile.

—Anthony Tellez

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