Take Root At Green Space

Grant Jacoby 
Photos Short Photo Co. / Noah Fowler Grant Jacoby Photos Short Photo Co. / Noah Fowler Green Space announced a diverse roster of new/emerging artists for its signature programs this June. Take Root will present an evening of work by Grant Jacoby & Dancers and Liz Charky on June 1 and 2, and Fertile Ground showcases the creative output of multiple dance artists on June 3.

Grant Jacoby’s “wish you were here.” is a post-modern dream ballet that meditates on fragmented memory, sudden loss, and Trisha Brown’s Newark. On an interpersonal level, the dance intends to explore what is gained and lost as we move further away from past events that haunt us. Designed for four dancers, “wish you were here.” is a quiet, and sometimes irreverent, movement study that proposes no finite conclusions, only a continued dialogue of emotional and physical process and product.

Liz Charky’s “You Are What You Eat And I’m Hungry” is an experimental embodiment that screams and whispers the collective histories that help us make sense of everything we see and consume. The performers use verbatim theatre from their personal interviews, which cover topics ranging from memories about food and family, to descriptions of what the inside of their brains and bellies look like, to their aspirations and the imagined future memories that they hold. The audience encounters an opening up of individuals, a meditative and refreshing perspective on what it means to be hungry, to be seen, to listen and to be heard.

Grant Jacoby is a New York City-based choreographer, performer, and teacher.

Liz Charky is a performance, photo and video artist.

Take Root is on June 1 and 2, at 8 pm. Advance sale tickets are $15 online at www.GreenSpaceStudio.org; at the door: $20 cash, $22 credit card.

Fertile Ground has supported the emerging and established artists’ community for 12 seasons, showcasing the work of over 50 choreographers each year. The non-curated program features five dance makers each evening and includes a post-performance discussion with wine, moderated by Green Space’s Artistic Director, Valerie Green. On June 3, 7 pm, see Midnights Physical Research; beat piece; Caeruleus Dance Collective; Gio Kusanagi Project; The Chamberlin Collective; and Vanessa Nandram. Advance sale tickets are $13 online at www.GreenSpaceStudio.org; at the door: $13 cash, $15 credit card.

For more information, visit www.DanceEntropy.org, www.GreenSpaceStudio.org or call 718-956-3037. Green Space is located at 37-24 24th Street, Long Island City.

—Annette Hanze

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