Tattoos For Two

Entrance to Steinway Tattoo. 
Photos Courtesy of Steinway Tattoo Entrance to Steinway Tattoo. Photos Courtesy of Steinway Tattoo How about immortalizing your love with some permanent body art?

While tattoos are popular year-round, some designs are more prevalent to honor Valentine’s Day. Chris Layden, one of three tattoo artists at Steinway Tattoo (32-14 Steinway Street, Astoria) says that couples are more likely to visit together for the holiday. They often get matching designs or have each other’s names tattooed.

Popular year-round tattoo themes are hearts, roses, stars, elephants and, on women, butterflies. “It’s very, very girly and feminine,” says Layden.

He adds that for Valentine’s Day, people like infinity symbols with the couple’s names incorporated in the design. “Faith, Hope, Love” joins a cross, a heart and an EKG-like heartbeat in one continuous image. Roses, again, appear in many Valentine’s Day themes.

A tattoo from Chris Layden’s portfolio of his work. A tattoo from Chris Layden’s portfolio of his work. Layden is an expert in cover-ups, handy when you need an ex-beau’s name obscured. He also fixes less-than-perfect tattoos and covers scars with his art.

He has been a tattoo artist for over 20 years and has been at Steinway Tattoo for two of those years. Layden recalls that he was always drawing, since he was a kid. When he was 17 a friend tattooed him using a needle and thread, “old school.” This showed him how his art would become his profession.

Steinway Tattoo is on the second floor, above the Get Kutz Barber Shop. Both are owned by Javier Perez. “It goes with each other,” says Perez. Barbershop customers often visit upstairs for tattoos and piercings.

Steinway Tattoo has been the venue for tattoo parties and video shoots.

The three artists – Chris Layden, Javier Perez and Danny Cheung – also do piercings. All tattoo customers must be 18 or older. Piercing customers under 18 must be accompanied by a parent and have the parent’s consent. The staff is fully licensed, they use all new needles and they provide aftercare products specific to the service. (Piercings and tattoos require different care.)

Inside Steinway Tattoo. 
Photo Linda Pacheco Inside Steinway Tattoo. Photo Linda Pacheco If you envision spending all your remaining Valentine’s Days with your current love, maybe matching or complementary tattoos would be a great way to celebrate.

— Linda Pacheco

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