Move Off-Campus!

Leaving home for college can be a daunting and thrilling experience for college students. It is a time to gain freedom and independence, but also a time to leave the comforts of home. Living on- or off-campus can be a major decision for some. Both living situations have their pros and cons, however living off-campus can be a little more affordable. If you choose to live off-campus, there are numerous ways to find a place. Ask a friend or search online for a place near the campus; there is always someone looking for an extra housemate.

Here is what you need to know about living off-campus:

Off-campus apartments will offer you more space and privacy vs. campus dorms. Compared to a tiny dorm room you will have your bedroom, a kitchen, living room and dining room. You will also have access to a larger kitchen, enabling you to cook more of your meals, spending less meal points. As a commuter you won’t have to worry about waiting on a communal oven to bake your midnight cookies.

When living off campus you will never have to be monitored by an RA or worry about the ridiculous safety rules issued by your dorm. You can hang as many lights and tapestries up as you want and never have to pull them down for a fire or safety inspection. Living off-campus also enables you to have more adult experiences, preparing you for the real world.

Although living off-campus may seem fun, it can be quite expensive if you choose to live alone. Renting a house with a group of friends makes living off-campus significantly cheaper. The taste of independence comes with increased responsibilities and demands. You will need to keep up with bills and may need to install amenities such as an air conditioner or internet. We think the greater space, freedom, and lower bills are worth it!

Although living off-campus may seem intimidating, it is an experience that will prepare you for living life as an independent adult.

— Scott Lakeram

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