Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is a time for celebration and gathering with family. With Thanksgiving dinner centered around turkey, the holiday can be difficult for vegans. Since more and more people are discovering the joys of veganism, here are four vegan recipes for you and/or your vegan family and friends to enjoy during Thanksgiving.


Bareburger is an American success story. It officially begins in 2009 with the opening of the first organic Bareburger restaurant at this very location in Astoria. Then it moves full speed ahead to include over 40 more restaurants in just eight years. 

Dining Out For Thanksgiving

Some wonderful Thanksgiving meals are to be had – with no hard labor, crushing travel or other form of holiday agony – at some of our finest local eateries. Call them quick, they are running out of space!

Sweet Scene

Sweet Scene is a sweet escape from impersonal, large chain coffee shops and cafes. Sweet Scene is a lovely, motherdaughter operation run by Vera and Eleni, with the help of a sweet friend, Katie, who put their love, baking skills, and friend-making skills into everything they do here.

Salt & Bone Smokehouse

Just in time for summer, Salt and Bone Smokehouse opens on 30th Avenue for all to enjoy. Let’s face it…you can’t smoke meat in your apartment in New 

Ziki Bar

Ziki Bar is a sliver of a space just near the edge of Astoria Park on Ditmars

HOME Resto-Lounge

t here’s no place like “Home”…. Home Resto-Lounge that is. Opened just one month ago on bustling Steinway Street, this multi-floor venue features a comfortable, well-appointed dining room, a lounge upstairs, and a knock-out menu that will make you come “home” again and again.

Thanksgiving Corner: A Classic with a Twist

I’ve never met someone who has been able to look me square in the eye and say that their least favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal is the stuffing. Generally, it’s the one thing that everyone can agree is delicious at the table.

Martha’s Country Bakery

It’s that time of year again…the holiday season is upon us, even if the temperature outside says otherwise. With Thanksgiving just moments away and

Brothers Taverna

Brothers Taverna snuck onto the Astoria dining scene quietly last November but is now making big noise around town thanks to the authentic, traditional Mediterranean cuisine served here, along with a great selection of wines, beers, and cocktails. 

Sides You Cannot Do Without

Cornbread You might have to swat your guests away from the stove when they get a whiff of this, so have it ready ahead of time! Ingredients 2 cups cornmeal 1 cup unbleached all-purpose flour 2 tbs baking powder 1/2 tsp himalayan pink salt 2 cups non-dairy milk 2 tsps apple cider vinegar 

Quinoa Pilaf Comfort

Not only healthy and delicious, this Quinoa Pilaf is beautiful, to delight your guests or host.  
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