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In the heart of Astoria, we decided to stop by Gian Piero’s Bakery located at 44-17 30th Ave, Astoria, to pick up a sweet treat and a cup of hot coffee. On the way there we met up with one of our of neighbors, Jen Benzing. A pre-school teacher who loves to spend quality time with her family, especially in her hometown of Astoria.

Astoria – Meet Jen!

E: Hi there, my name is Erica Torres, how are you doing today?

J: Doing well, and you?

E: I can’t complain – enjoying this coffee right now – I’m freezing! May I get your name?

J: Jen. Yes it sure got cold quick!

E: Jen, what are your holiday plans?

J: Oh boy, my plans are crazy…I have about four houses to go to, so I’ll be running around a lot.

E: Wow, you are going to be busy!

J: Yes, but that only means a lot of great food and company.

E: Do you have a New Year’s resolution?

J: Yes, I definitely want to read more.

E: Me too! I am so hooked on Danielle Steel right now; she has become my favorite author. What was your New Year’s resolution last year?

J: To make more time with my family.

E: Well, going to four houses for the holiday, I can see you must have achieved that.

J: Yes, we set up weekend family nights for all of us to get together; whether it be a game night, dinner, or just hanging out on the couch, we made sure to spend time together.

E: That sounds great, nothing better than spending quality time together; and I thank you for your time, Jen. Before we go can you tell me what you love most about Astoria?

J: I love Astoria because it’s a perfect mix of old and new. There’s an incredibly diverse food scene and you can always find something to do!

E: Thanks Jen, Happy Holidays to you and your family!

J: Same to you!—Erica Torres

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