Festive Feast

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Are we there yet? Are we there yet? That’s what the kids always ask in the car, but for adults life goes faster and faster, and we think the better question is: How did we get here so fast? Yes, believe it or not, it is December already. It is that holiday time of year where everything is lit up and fun. 

Makin’ The Scene

Queens Bloc Presents: Toys For Tacos Donate a toy and get unlimited tacos. The Shillelagh Tavern, 47-22 30 Ave, Astoria. Dec 15, 8-11 pm Astoria Bookshop 31-29 31 St, Astoria. Visit astoriabookshop.com for full list of events. 

A Stroll Through The Lit-Up Streets Of Astoria

Let’s take a stroll through Astoria… “Oh, the weather outside is frightful...” can be heard from the stores as you walk down Steinway Street on a brisk December night.

And Then There’s Giving Back

One thing about the holiday season is universally true: it’s better to give than to receive. While getting gifts from loved ones is always a wonderful thing, there are so many in our city that need love, attention, and holiday cheer, and they can’t afford the normal indulgences or extravagances of the season. 

Gifts And ‘Presence’

The annual challenge of holidays is here! Secret Santa. Presents. Family. Friends. Food.  
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