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New Astoria, Old Astoria, when it comes down to brass tacks, what’s the real difference? Probably not much, especially when we can all agree on one thing: the food! For this edition of Meet Astoria we were thrilled to talk with a Queens native whose roots are planted here at the forefront of one of the most booming pockets of Astoria: No-Stein. No- Stein is the latest bloom on Astoria, located at the northern tip of the neighborhood, between Astoria Boulevard and 20th Avenue. For this edition of Meet Astoria we want to introduce you to Marcella, the hair sculptor extraordinaire at Blo It Out (23- 21 Steinway St.)

QS: Hi there, how’s your day going?

Marcella: So far so good, thank you. How about you?

QS: Feeling the same way right about now. So tell us about yourself Marcella. Are you originally from Queens?

Marcella: Yes, I sure am. I grew up in the Maspeth area and, I work here at Blo It Out in Astoria and I love it here.

QS: What’s your favorite place to hang and/or eat in Astoria?

Marcella: I absolutely love Trattoria L’incontro. It’s so delicious there.

QS: Yum, just the thought of L’incontro makes us salivate over here! Ok, so you grew up in Maspeth and you are currently a hairdresser in Astoria. Tell us about that.

Marcella: Well, I started working with Gina just about four years ago, about a month after the shop opened and I haven’t looked back since.

QS: How cool! Did you always want to work on hair?

Marcella: When I was a little girl I wanted to be a singer.

QS: Do you still sing?

Marcella: You may hear me singing at the shop sometime!

QS: I’d love to hear that.

Marcella: (laughs)

QS: If you could lend a piece of advice to anyone out there this year, what would you say?

Marcella: I would say, stay positive and always keep a smile on your face.

QS: Well now that’s some great advice. Thanks so much Marcella.

Marcella: Thank you!

Astoria, Meet Marcella (Blo
It Out, 23-21 Steinway

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