Astoria In ‘Boom’

Residential development is booming in Astoria, where construction cranes have been seen on numerous sites.  The neighborhood is taking on a new look, with residential towers and renovated housing units rising above new retail space and some of the most popular restaurants, retail and supermarkets in the area. 

Pages From The Long Island Star Journal

Star Journal Begins 1892 With Spotlight On Major Figures And Events Both Past And Present 

Victoria Hristoff

Victoria Hristoff is a “raging intersectional feminist, Aquarius, and Queens native,” who was born and raised in Bayside. During her 23 years of life she’s moved from Queens to various neighborhoods of Manhattan (Murray Hill, Gramercy, Chinatown/LES), Rome for six months, and now Crown Heights, Brooklyn. She is bilingual, speaking Greek and English.

Get Good Roommate Karma – Be A Better Roommate

Living with a roommate can be a great decision financially; often splitting a two bedroom apartment with someone is a lot cheaper than paying for a studio. Living with a roommate that you don’t like or get along with can be a terrible experience. When looking for a roommate it is important to find someone who you feel comfortable living with. 

Move Off-Campus!

Leaving home for college can be a daunting and thrilling experience for college students. It is a time to gain freedom and independence, but also a time to leave the comforts of home. Living on- or off-campus can be a major decision for some. Both living situations have their pros and cons, however living off-campus can be a little more affordable. 


M ojave is Astoria’s premier location for fine Mexican and Southwestern cuisine, extraordinarily good margaritas, cocktails, and a huge selection of tequilas. Get your fiesta on,any night of the week,because the bar is always buzzing and the tables are full of happy diners, enjoying Mojave’s delicious food and consistently high quality since it opened 9 years ago.

Salt & Bone Smokehouse

Just in time for summer, Salt and Bone Smokehouse opens on 30th Avenue for all to enjoy. Let’s face it…you can’t smoke meat in your apartment in New 

No Hootenannies After 10 PM

Great roommates are like unicorns – beautiful, magical, and almost entirely the stuff of legend. 

Crafting Away The Winter Blues

The post-holiday winter freeze causes many of us to do one or several of the following: Eat Shop online Watch football Create something beautiful – maybe for Valentine’s Day!

The ‘Magic’ Of Snow

A fresh blanket of snow brings a certain ambiance and beauty to the neighborhoods of Queens. After a fresh snowfall life becomes still. Most people either absolutely love or hate the snow. Personally I love the snow for both its beauty and the opportunity to have a snowball fight. 
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