Installations At MMI: Astoria, Hollywood, ‘Dolls Vs. Dictators’

The Museum of the Moving Image has three new installations: a short film, an animation, and a collection of photographs. So head over to the museum and enjoy some art before the summer ends! 

Hip To Hip’s Shakespeare In The ParkS

Hip to Hip Theatre Company presents its free Shakespeare in the parks series. Not to be confused with Shakespeare in the Park in Central Park, this non-profit arts organization delivers free, family-friendly and professional productions to audiences in parks throughout the city. 

The Motorcycle Industry And Why It’s Dying

Industries are always growing or declining; companies are either improving or slipping. However, there is one industry that remains stagnant: the motorcycle industry. 

Chip New York City

One of the best new additions to the Astoria scene is Chip New York City, located at 30-06 34th Street. 

Athens Square Park Greek Nights

The sounds of New York City life are robust and loud in the streets of Astoria. The trains overhead on the tracks, cars in the street, food vendors on the corner, the local bodegas and their denizens, the outdoor restaurant crowd and more come together to form a constant stream of stimulus. 

Back To School: What You Really Really Need

As a young person, the phrase “summer is almost over” can be quite intimidating. Another school year or a new semester is close at hand and there is so much to be done to make sure that you are fully prepared for the academic challenges ahead. The most important thing to do is find out what you need to succeed in your classes while learning easier, faster, and more efficiently. 


Bareburger is an American success story. It officially begins in 2009 with the opening of the first organic Bareburger restaurant at this very location in Astoria. Then it moves full speed ahead to include over 40 more restaurants in just eight years. 


Piccolino is a welcome addition to the neighborhood, bordering on Astoria and Woodside. This brand new Italian restaurant offers casual, yet elegant dining in a cozy setting, with a mere 12 tables in the lovely dining room. Posters and signs from Italy adorn the walls, and the front grill of a classic car sits just next to the bar.

Sweet Scene

Sweet Scene is a sweet escape from impersonal, large chain coffee shops and cafes. Sweet Scene is a lovely, motherdaughter operation run by Vera and Eleni, with the help of a sweet friend, Katie, who put their love, baking skills, and friend-making skills into everything they do here.

Trees & Sidewalk Program

Street trees planted by the city are spaced about 25 feet apart in a single file on public sidewalks. Of nearly 700,000 street trees in the city, Queens has the most, about 240,000 trees that can sometimes cause severe sidewalk damage by their root growth. 
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