Ever wonder where the beautiful headstones and monuments in our cemeteries come from? We did – so we asked Effie Sfikas of Monuments by Effie to tell us a little about her business. Effie Sfikas was born and raised in the Bronx, a first-generation Greek American. She said, “I have a degree in education. My first job was in retail. Soon after, I became an elementary school teacher.

Meet Astoria:

Even if you’re running late to work, you still stop there for a quick cup of joe. On your way back home, you walk steps from the train to grab some warm bread and cookies. And sometimes, you just pop in for a slice to eat and a heartwarming story about that day’s events. 

Get Gorgeous With Fruit Smoothies!

Smoothies are a great way to have a sweet, refreshing treat while sneaking in something healthy into your diet. Some people actually don’t like to eat fruit, but with a shake you can take in a considerable amount of nutrition, and fill up fast. You can even toss in some avocado for creaminess and not even taste it. Your blood lipids will thank you. 

Let’s Celebrate Earth Day

Whatever side of the political isle you sit in, it’s a pretty widely agreedupon issue that global warming (or climate change) is happening, and it’s happening rapidly.

Cricket La Lou Embroidery

Local Astoria talent, Hale, lives with her two dogs, Cricket, a pit mix, and Ruby Lou, a Yorkie, hence the name Cricket La Lou for her creative customized tote bags. Hale also works in the neighborhood as a high school counselor. She picked up embroidery about two years ago after taking a class, and fell in love with it.

Meet Astoria:

Some might recognize it from its warm, cozy interior, steps away from the subway platform on Ditmars. Others might have immersed themselves within the seemingly endless aisles filled with chocolates, cheeses, beverages, and the like. Netflix addicts know it to be a place of “mobster” business. 

LGA’s Landmarked, Art Deco Marine Terminal

Where can you go in Queens to relax over a quiet, home-style brunch, visit a historic Art Deco monument, take in some aviation history and enjoy an amazing 20th century mural, a “social realist” tribute to the history of flight? There’s only one place in the entire city that meets all these criteria: LaGuardia Airoport’s Marine Air Terminal. 

Hike To Hell Gate

Socrates Sculpture Park was the rallying point on March 25th for a group of some 75 people who braved cool weather for the Hike to Hell Gate, a guided historical photo-walk commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Hell Gate Bridge.

Spring Treats!

If there’s one thing that’s true about Astoria, it’s that we know our food. You can’t walk more than a block without finding some kind of highly rated restaurant. Heck, even our delis and bodegas are the best in the city. But what about places to get food? We’re not talking supermarkets, we’re talking bakeries. 

United Brothers Fruit Markets

United Brothers Fruit Markets, at 33rd Street and 30th Avenue in Astoria, provided some great fruits and veggies for us to photograph to help us form the inspiration for this month’s Queens Sce
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