5 Steps For Easy Entertaining

Hosting a large group of family and friends can be overwhelming, especially if entertaining isn't something you do often. No matter the occasion, these tips can help you avoid common party pitfalls so you can keep the focus on having fun.  


Irene Stathatos-Vasilakos has worked for the past 20 years in financial institutions as a banker and for insurance companies, the New York State Assembly, and has been employed with New York State Senate for the past six years. 

Destined To Become Your Fave Hangouts

Queens has always been a place of emerging foods and restaurants—and Astoria is no exception to this. Living in Astoria is a blessing and a curse: when the streets are lined with great places to grab food and beverages, it’s difficult to make up your mind and choose a place to dine out. So we chose some ideal spots for great eats and drinks to suit your mood. 

Queens’ Small Batch Breweries

Queens is a borough of rich cultural diversity that encompasses cultures from all over the world. These various cultures have all made contributions, some of which can be found in the local breweries that are scattered throughout Queens. Although there may not be many breweries in Queens you can be sure that you will be drinking quality beer. 

2 Breweries in the Heart of Astoria

Bridge & Tunnel, the first true garage-based, nano-brewing company in New York City, started in the heart of Astoria. It is owned by Rich and Lisa Castagna. In 2015 this small brewery expanded from nano-status to a micro brewery. 

Queens World Film Festival 2017 Line-Up

Queens World Film Festival (QWFF) Artistic Director Don Cato announced the final selections, special events, venues, schedule, and honorees for The 7th Annual Queens World Film Festival. The festival is scheduled for March 14-19. 

Review: Hidden Figures

It’s no surprise why Hidden Figures, the true story of just three of the unsung heroes of NASA’s first-ever manned flight into space, is nominated for Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards. Touching, inspirational, and funny, the story follows three space program employees – Katherine Johnson, played by Taraji P. 

Singer/Songwriter Rose Cousins

Acclaimed singer/songwriter Rose Cousins’ new video for her single, “Chains” premieres at Billboard. Cousins’ new album, Natural Conclusion, has just come out, and has been receiving some great press.

Las Margaritas

Start your night off right with a frosty, frozen margarita at Las Margaritas Restaurant and Lounge on Broadway in Astoria. The busy Happy Hour regales from 4-7pm on weeknights and from 6- 11 on Saturday and Sunday where specially priced margaritas, beers, and sangrias flow like the good vibes here. 

Home Brewing

Pro: Intro To Home Brewing Beer  
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