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Born and raised in Corona and East Elmhurst, Shanel Thomas has a passion for giving back to her community. 

It Isn’t A Party Without The Party Food

Hosting a party this month? Perhaps for the Super Bowl, or even just a family get-together, here are three quick and easy recipes by Stephanie LiBassi sure to satisfy everyone’s hunger, while pleasing your wallet.  Spinach & Artichoke Dip. 


Eating healthy can be a bit of a challenge sometimes due to our busy lives. And every day it seems something else is found to be unhealthy, or to be loaded with harmful additives. The healthiest option is to cook it yourself, that way you know what’s actually in it! But sometimes it is hard for us to find time to cook a meal and we opt for fast food. 

We’re Gonna MISS Them!

Whether you had a great year or a terrible one, there’s something we can all agree on – 2016 was especially rough on the influential artists and public figures that we’ve come to know and love throughout our lives. We lost powerhouse musicians David Bowie, Prince and George Michael; and beloved actors Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder and Carrie Fisher. 

Winter Fun Activities In Astoria

When it’s winter in Astoria, there’s always something to do. Sure, we may be known for our extensive avenues filled with all kinds of eateries, but there’s so much more that we Astorians can do to enjoy the chilly air and snowy weather. We’ve put together a great list of activities you can do without a subway fare.  Ice Skating at City Ice Pavilion: 

Culture Clash In Sundance Film, Hotel Coolgardie

HP: The atmosphere in Hotel Coolgardie (a documentary shot in the Australian outback) could not differ more from that of Queens. What similarities and differences did you observe between the ways in which women are treated in each place? PG: I don’t have enough experience in Queens to compare the two places.

Bunnies Of Satan, A Comedy

n Interview With Filmmaker Teemu Niukkanen: n Interview With Filmmaker Teemu Niukkanen:  Director of F**king Bunnies   NB, JH: Was the film, F**king Bunnies inspired by any real-life roommates of yours? 

Have A Super Super Bowl!

If you don’t want to spend your Super Bowl in the house this year, or at some stranger’s party, consider heading out into the neighborhood for a Super Bowl 51 extravaganza! Leave the cooking and the cleaning for another day, and step into one of Astoria’s most well-loved institutions for food, fun, and fantastic drink specials, all while watching the game of the year.

Reset For 2017

Life doesn’t always give you a chance to reset, but after the rollercoaster through collective insanity that was 2016, we all needed to hit the reset button. Myk Tummolo, the sonic singularity shifting the technoplates of NYC’s nightlife with the Junxion crew, said it was his girlfriend, Marcia, who determined the party’s theme. They chose perfectly.

Astoria Back In Time

It’s no surprise that Astoria is prominent in plenty of modern movies. We have Kaufman Studios right in our own backyard, and countless production companies use our very streets as the backlots to shoot scenes. Of course it’s not hard to spot modern-day Astoria, with its familiar stores and even more familiar streets and corners, but what about the old Astoria? 
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