LIC Concerts At Gantry!

LIC Concerts at Gantry Plaza State Park features up-and-coming musical talents with exciting reviews in this series of outdoor summer concerts. Most run from 5 pm to 7:15 pm. The following are upcoming shows from the fifth annual free concert series that started in July. Don’t miss it!

10 Must-Haves For Your College Dorm

Dorming can be a big step for students transitioning from high school to a university. You are now responsible for laundry, time management and finding food. Although you aren’t living at home, you can make your dorm room as comfortable as your home. Here are 10 items that will make dorming easier, and can potentially be overlooked as you prepare to leave home.  

Dorm Life: What to Expect if You’re Unsuspecting

This may be the most exciting “back to school” preparation time since first getting ready for kindergarten. You still need new notebooks and sharp pencils, maybe all electronic now, but perhaps more important than what color of backpack to get, is your mental preparation.

Socrates Park – Bringing Us Culture For 30 Years

Socrates Sculpture Park, with its customary style, is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a host of events that are sure to provide even the pickiest of your friends and family with something interesting to do this August. 

Flattops Astoria

The bustling Ditmars area just got another notch on its belt for housing one of Queens’ most exciting and cool restaurants. If you were to Google “Flattops Astoria” you’ll see mixed descriptions of what the restaurant is or what it has to offer, but to us one thing is clear – it’s a sign of the future of Astoria. 

Explore Artisanal Offerings At ‘MadeInQueens’

With the internet making it so easy to order things online, big-name chain stores coming into town, and a majority of obscure items and services just a train ride away, the simple idea of buying local can get lost in the shuffle. 


Declare independence from cooking this holiday weekend by eating at Bareburger, and declare independence from unhealthy food with hormones, chemicals, and transfats. Bareburger built its business around serving organic burgers and sandwiches made with the finest quality meats and poultry. With 31 locations in the U.S., Japan, Canada, and Germany, they must be doing something right.


Look up to the sky for a new adventure in rooftop dining and lounging in Astoria. Located in an unassuming, glass front office building on Steinway Street, Luna Asian 

Burnside Biscuits

Burnside Biscuits is the perfect combination of hip, modern dining in a down home Southern setting. The picket fence outside already beckons you in to sit for a spell and enjoy a cool drink and lunch, dinner, or brunch outdoors, or inside this oneyear old restaurant.

Summer – Making The Most Of What’s Left

Fall is around the corner. Labor day marks the end of beach trips, public pools and many theme parks. Labor day always falls on the first Monday of September. It was created to honor the dedication and achievements of American workers. The Central Labor Union of New York organized the first Labor Day in 1882.
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