The Beatles Get Symphonic Treatment

The beautiful sounds of violinist Olga Tourkina and pianist Philipp Petkov serenaded 130 guests at St. Michael’s Cemetery who came to hear classical renditions of The Beatles music and from Russian symphony. 

Billy Chrissochos

Billy Chrissochos was born in Astoria, but grew up in Athens, Greece. There he fell in love with his ancestral culture – and heavy metal. First competing and performing in a symphonic band on the alto saxophone, he eventually fell under the spell of the electric guitar. 

Impermanent Landscape

As part of a larger project exploring the way in which visual art is perceived, Impermanent Landscape will incorporate architecture and geometry to explore the concepts of cubism, perspective, perception, and impermanence through dance. The evening length performances, held March 17-19 at 8 pm, and March 20 at 5 pm, celebrate Valerie Green/Dance Entropy’s 10th anniversary. 

The Season Of Rebirth

Spring is a great time to be born. Your parents won’t have to worry about you freezing your soft little paw pads in the snow, and lots of tender things to nibble are growing wild. We noticed there was a big batch of notable birthdays this month, just like in nature’s kingdom. 

Free Teen Art Salon In LIC

Calling all artistic teens ages 13-19 in Astoria and Long Island City! Every Friday and Saturday, an open studio and residency program called Teen Art Salon will provide you with a free studio space to work on new and unfinished projects, and give you a chance to collaborate with other artistic types. 

The Blooming Of The Spring Beard

Spring is the season of life; flowers begin to bloom, trees begin to blossom and men begin to grow their beards. Spring is the season to grow a beard! Now you may be asking yourself, why should I grow a beard in spring? Why not grow a beard in winter, when it is cold. Well I have an answer for you, growing your beard now is a great way to start a winter beard. 

Up-Standing Citizens For Expecting Moms

Christine Serdjenian Yearwood, a local Astorian, has recently launched a nationwide movement to make public spaces and transportation safer for pregnant women called Up-Stand. Launched in November 2015, Christine creates and sells all her awareness items for pregnant women and their supporters out of her home in Astoria and is insured under an LLC structure. 

The Brewery

The Brewery Bar & Kitchen is a New York style Irish pub that you will want to return to again and again. It has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, amazing acoustics that filter out noise, and best of all, food and drink of the highest caliber.

Get Your Irish Up At Nearby New York Irish Center

Here’s a heads-up on springtime events spanning Irish arts, culture, live music and cinema, with a nod to this year’s early arrival of Easter, going on throughout March over at the New York Irish Center, 10-40 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City. It’s only one stop – five minutes on the 7 train – from Grand Central.

Celebrating Ireland In Astoria

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner we wanted to go right to the source and ask a native Irishman, now an Astoria resident, what places hit closest to home. Last month’s Tunes & Tavern’s spotlight was on singer/songwriter Colin Dempsey of the band Supersmall.
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