Amanda Johnson

Performer and resident of Astoria, Amanda Johnson, recently wrapped the lead role in the upcoming indie comedy, The Loser’s Wife, which was filmed partially in Astoria. Originally from Seattle, Johnson graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in theater and communications.

Valentine’s Day Jewelry

It’s needless to say that heart-shaped anything will suffice, but with so many options, it’s hard to know if you’ve chosen the perfect gift. When it comes to jewelry on Valentine’s Day, you have more leeway than you think when it comes to selecting a piece.

Valentine’s Day In Astoria

Whether you are attached or single and ready-to-mingle and looking for something to do locally on Valentine’s Day on the 14th try these events and places. 

Jump For Joy, Leaplings!

We know that Leap Year babies do not have an official birthday every year like the rest of us, but it isn’t simply every four years. What exactly is a Leap Year, and why did it ever start? 

Historic Leap-Days

Some Historic Leap Day Events  1692 – First accusations began during the Salem witch trials. The trials occurred in Massachusetts Bay Colony in colonial US, where more than 150 people were arrested and at least 25 people died by hanging, torture or during their prison stay. 

For Chocolate Lovers

With Valentines Day just around the corner what’s a better idea than making some homemade Dark Chocolate Red Wine Truffles? Check out this easy recipe sure to please any Chocolate Lover.  

The Big Deal

Marriage is a big deal. You’re making one of the largest commitments one person could make to another. You’re asking for a partnership in life and love. With that sort of gesture comes some responsibility. If you’re planning on getting a ring for your loved one, you may want to show that you take the proposal process pretty seriously. Don’t know where to start? 

More Famous Leaplings

We may not know if the following famous people throughout history preferred to celebrate their unusual Leap Year birthdays on February 28 or March 1, but for those readers who might share the unique natal date, these Leap-ers also dealt with it:  1468 – Pope Paul III, the last Renaissance pope (died 1549) 


For a unique culinary experience in the heart of Astoria, Nazca has what you’re looking for. This absolutely charming restaurant is warm and cozy with exposed brick, wooden floors, sexy booths draped in sheer curtains for intimate dining, and a super-cool bar. Nazca would be a fine place to celebrate Valentine’s weekend with your amor.

Born On Leap Day

The rarest of all birth dates, February 29, occuring once every four years in even-numbered years, seems to confer an extended adolescence – you’re not 40; you’re just a sprig of 10! Alas, a scan of some well-known people born on Leap Day suggests potentially bad omens. What’s the expression? If you can’t be famous, be notorious. If you were born Feb.
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