Vegan Delights

Sweet Potato, Corn Chowder For The Golden Season  Preparation time – 45 minutes Cook time – 45 minutes Serves about 6 Ingredients:   I. 1 large sweet potato, peeled and diced  II. 2 tablespoons olive oil  III. 1 medium butternut squash  IV. 1 large onion, diced 

Thanksgiving Movies In Abundance

At year-end, movie fans usually can expect new releases of Christmas films, in addition to those up for the following year’s Oscars. Off the tops of our heads, we can pretty much rattle off the names of our favorite extremely sentimental holiday films with themes of out-sized love or redemption of a long-suffering soul. 

Meet Astoria: Gina Almona, The Hairdresser Who Cares

Tucked into the middle of the booming “Lower Steinway” area is a beauty shop that is steeped in tradition – Blo It Out is the cozy salon that is now a staple for Astoria natives and newcomers alike. With decades of experience under their belt, Blo It Out is led by fearless owner, Gina Almona.

Fringe Takes Center Stage

The Fall/Winter 2015 fashion season is upon us; here are some of the styles trending right now. What’s old is new again – from ‘70s-inspired looks with a modern twist to vintage looks. Flared pants have made a comeback along with bellsleeve tops. Denim-inspired everything is everywhere, drape yourself in denim pants, tops and dresses. 

Great Budget Gifts

Can you believe it’s time for the holidays already? Halloween has passed, Thanksgiving is on its way, and before you know it we’ll be counting down the final 10 seconds of the year, to welcome in 2016. If you’re planning on getting loved ones great gifts and gadgets this year we’ve got a great list of things to consider. 

New Traditions: Thanksgiving Dinner Out

Maybe you plan to go to Manhattan to see the Thanksgiving Day Parade early on the holiday morning, and that leaves no time to cook a big dinner at home. Or, you plan to get up extremely early Friday, even heading out right after midnight, for those great Black Friday sales. Possibly, you’re not a Turkey Day traditionalist. 

The Best Grandma Slice, Rated By Actual Grandma

Although it’s not one of the Seven Wonders of the World, it is amazing how one food, pizza, transcends language and culture and can bring people together. New York is known for rivaling Italy for having the finest pizza on the planet. But most people get caught up talking about the plain slice. We thought it would be great to talk about the “Grandma” slice. 


Jeneen Terrana and Evan Edwards wrote a new musical called, McGurk’s Suicide Hall, a Fictional Account of Actual Events. They both live in Astoria and wrote the musical there. It’s about the city in 1902 and the show is based on a true story. Terrana is a Buffalo native with a BA in music/voice.

Gossip Coffee

The word is out about Gossip Coffee and you should be spreading the Gossip too. I was lucky enough to visit Gossip Coffee on September 29th which was “National Coffee Day”, and indeed there is no better way to celebrate coffee EVERY day of the year than at the newly opened Gossip Coffee on 30th Avenue in Astoria.

The Cover In Detail

As you know, November is the month of giving thanks, and breaking bread symbolizes“Thanks-Giving,”atraditionthatwecherish.GianPiero,at44-1730th Avenue, was gracious enough to make their bakery available for the cover shoot of November’s Queens Scene. We have to say, it was quite difficult focusing on takingphotoswiththedelectable, tasty,
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