World’s Fair Forgotten Relic

Two years of commemorations and celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of the 1964- 65 World’s Fair come to an end this fall.  While not many structures from the Fair are left in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, the New York State Pavilion, along with the Unisphere, remain the most prominent. The building that housed the New York City Pavilion is now the Queens Museum. 

Chef Michael Comes To Astoria

On Wednesday, August 26 Chef Michael Love, a Miami-based chef, author and star of the new competition show, Man on the Eat visited Astoria’s own Franky’s Souvlaki located at Steinway Stre

Natural Frontier

As Astoria continues to reform its once unique fingerprint of being an eclectic European centric neighborhood to becoming eclectic American, it’s clearly noticeable that as the neighborhood changes so does its demands. Of those demands is clean food. 

Not Your Mama’s Chow Mein

Asia is home to a vast, diverse assemblage of rich cultures, boasting customs and foods unlike any other in the world. Although it is a whooping 7,255 miles away from New York, there are several ways to get a taste of Asia right here in Astoria. Here are a few of the many Asian restaurants in the neighborhood, guaranteed to transport you across the world – without jet lag. 

Play Too Much

Astoria is known for its diverse culture. It’s known for the beer gardens, the actors and actresses, and now more than ever we are bringing awareness to the music community. We recently reported on the opening of HiFi Records & Cafe, and now we are spotlighting a local production/media channel called Play Too Much. 

Tunes & Taverns

TUNES: SIDE SADDLE  Owner of HiFi Records in Astoria, Javi Velazquez recently turned us on to an Astoria-based band with a beautiful blend of harmony, introspection, and a touch of melancholia called Side Saddle. 

Acupuncture 101

All right, so I knew acupuncture involved inserting really thin needles through skin, at points on the body a person may have pain. The needles can be placed to various depths. Apparently, this process yields pain relief and I’ve also read that some cancer patients may get relief from nausea/vomiting resulting from chemotherapy. 

Shape Up NYC Brings Fitness To Queens

Anyone who struggles to fit exercise into their daily routine knows it can be a difficult task to find motivation. However, regular exercise is a vital part of health, and the benefits to staying active are endless—from warding off heart disease and diabetes to remaining physically fit well into old age. 

Henna: Natural Dye Alternative

Henna is an ancient form of art and adornment that can be traced back to the Bronze Age in various regions of Asia. Made from the paste of leaves from a tree with the same name, henna has a reddish color. Applying the paste to the skin, nails, or hair results in a scarlet stain (often called a “natural” or “temporary” tattoo) for a few weeks. 

Savoring South Asia’s Foods

India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh all used to fall under the same homogenous name “India” less than 70 years ago. Because of their shared history, these countries have very similar cuisines that are often mistakenly believed to be the same by our American tongues. While there are similarities, each of these regions’ foods have subtle differences that make their dishes unique. 
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