Astoria on Location: A Bronx Tale

Despite what it sounds like, A Bronx Tale is anything but. Filmed almost entirely in Astoria along 30th Avenue, save for a scene apiece in Brooklyn and on City Island in the Bronx, the film boasts excellent views of the popular street before the advent of the fro-yo craze. 

Staycation Getaways...12 Cool Spots

So you don’t have a vacation home to get you away from the crowds, the heat, the subways and buses, the noise, the trash, the traffic? Don’t fret, here’s a down and dirty list of day trips that can provide the “pause that refreshes” during a typical New York City heat wave. All are only two hours or less away and won’t take much planning. 

Best Recipe For The Summer

Whether you are grilling off the Ivory Coast or the East River, food is the international staple for satisfying your summer hunger. 

Culture And Cool Temps Free At The Library

Queens Library celebrates World Music with free concerts each Sunday. On July 12 at 3 pm, Central Library will be celebrating Afro-Brazilian culture from Salvador, Bahia through music, dance, and martial arts. The performance group, Ologundé is New York based, and includes former members of world-renowned music and dance troupes. 

The History Of Fireworks

For many Americans, the Fourth of July brings to mind a dazzling display of fireworks. Since 1976 Macy’s has put on a fireworks show along the East River, but the residents of Queens also put on their own show. Although New York City has made consumer fireworks illegal since the 1960s, many residents still take the risk to light up the night sky of Queens. 

Cash For Gold Pointers

With gold prices soaring, the long-ignored mystery objects at the bottom of your jewelry box command new respect. Like many consumers, you may be preparing for a trip to your local jeweler with a stash of single earrings, broken necklace chains and everything you ever got from the previous boyfriend.  Not a bad idea – but before you go, read this helpful information: 

Celebrate Summer With ‘Satchmo’

The Louis Armstrong House Museum in Corona invites you to spend the summer with Satchmo. Throughout July and August come enjoy live music with the Hot Jazz/Cool Garden Summer Concert Series. On July 4, a soul food luncheon with music by the Ladybugs will kick off the series followed by Jon-Erik Kellso & Friends on July 18 and Cynthia Sayer & Her Sparks Fly Quartet on August 15. 

July Blockbusters

Minions, with a release date of July 3, follows the evolution of minions under “the most despicable of masters” throughout history, some of whom include T. Rex and Napoleon. The animated movie follows three minions, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob, who set out to find a new leader after their species accidently killed the majority of evil masters. 

Street Fair Heaven

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting better, the desserts get tastier, the sounds of ACs create an ominous buzzing just as the water that falls from their corners creates an adult game of “Lava on the Floor.” Yes, this is summer, and we all know that summer is the time of street fairs and celebrations. 

SummerStage Miniseries In Queensbridge Park

SummerStage, organized by the City Parks Foundation, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this summer. For 30 years SummerStage has provided annual free concerts in parks around the five boroughs.
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