Serpico On Location In Astoria

Serpico. The movie that made audiences fall in love with Al Pacino. He was huge after The Godfather, and Serpico kept him in the spotlight. He later had major success with Scarface, and Dog Day Afternoon to name a few. 

Red Bull Paper Plane Aces

Yesterday, with the New York City skyline in the background, the Studio Square event space in Long Island City played host to over 500 university students from around the metro area designing and throwing paper airplanes for Red Bull Paper Wings.

Film Celebrates Queens Logic

Queens Logic. The very essence of our community – a certain kind of logic that comes with living in the most diverse area in the world. Manhattan might have its buildings, Brooklyn has its famous accent, but Queens has its own logic; a logic that no other place in the world can compete with. 

Pet Awareness Events

Pet awareness events occur throughout the year. Celebrating dogs, cats and even our reptile friends, here are a few notable ones: 
14 Hedgehogs.jpg

Living With Unusual Pets

Unusual animals have always been a topic of curiosity and fascination. Many individuals devote their lives to studying these odd creatures in their natural habitat, while others study them in their own homes. Many people don’t have the typical dog or cat as a pet but an exotic species of reptile, amphibian or mammal as their companion.
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Local-Express: Paul The Cat Guy

This column was originated in July 2013 by Nicollette Barsamian

Earth Day In Queens

This year marks the 45th annual Earth Day, an event celebrated on April 22 by more than 192 countries. Beginning in 1970 in the hopes of promoting environmental awareness, the idea spread throughout the world by 1990 as events started taking place and actions were taken to help lessen our impact on the Earth.
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Top 10 Feeding Tips For Pets –And People

Pet obesity is a huge issue (pun intended!) for our pets AND for ourselves. We love our pets so much that often we share yummy treats from our own table. It’s no wonder they (and we) often “pudge up” over the holidays.

Keeping Your Pet Fashionable

Walking our dogs is no longer just about their relief breaks, it is now part of our social schedule. Who we see and how the dogs look is much of pet lovers’ kitchen-table or social media commentary. Here are 10 essential things to remember before going out for a strut around the hood. 

Do’s & Don’ts When Adopting A Pet

It’s puppy and kitten season! If a new fur-kid is in your future, remember that more goes into adoption than picking the “prettiest” or just plopping food in a bowl. Follow these do’s and don’ts to ensure your furry love connection lasts past the honeymoon and endures for the lifetime of that pet. 
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