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PayPal Scams

Laura Laucella
Purchasing your first car is always exciting. It may not be the dream car you always wanted but it’s the best you can do and in the end you become satisfied with your choice. Selling your first car, on the other hand, opens doors to many new challenges that have never been faced before. In my own experience, having to sell my car i’ve come across many conflicting issues. For one, I had to determine how I would sell the car then I had to decide on a selling price. Once responses for the car came in, I was left to deal with heckling, pushy customers, and worst of all scammers, a lot of scammers.

Finding the Perfect Property with GoodLifeListings

Anaé Petito
The process of renting or buying a place to live can get a little frustrating, especially for Astoria residents with multifaceted needs and interests such as parking availability or pet friendly environments.Formerly a real estate property manager, Joshua Garay became familiar with the daunting task that customers with specific requirements experience in their search of a place to live best suited for them. “Where do we go?” and ”Where do we look?” became frequent inquiries when people called in frustrated by a grueling hunt for a living space. Garay realized that a simplified and more efficient way of home-hunting would make all the difference. 

PoP Art Toy Show at the Bao Shoppe

Taylor Kang
Pop culture quite literally takes shape in Peter Yip and Berto Ray Barreto’s latest project – the Pop Art Toy Show at the Bao Shoppe on 30-66 Steinway Street, available to the public until October 1, 2014.    

Grab a Bone and a Brew with Paws & Pints

Laura Laucella
There is no question, dog runs are a great time, but the organizers behind Paws & Pints have thought of an even better way for pets to socialize, bearing the owners in mind. Paws & Pints allows for dogs to play in an enclosed area while the adults can sit back and relax over a cold beer in the company of other dog owners.


Chris Pizzolo
The brunch fad has swept every hip city in America for the past decade. Perhaps it’s the post-college culture that longs to endure that spirit of togetherness after an epic weekend. Whatever the case may be, there’s a no brainer option  for that post breakfast meal, Daybreak Cafe.  

Republic Bar Pizza

Republic is Astoria’s newest and hottest addition to its already sizzling dining and lounge scene. With an ‘outpost’ location on Astoria Boulevard, just across the road from the police station and practically downstairs from the N/Q train stop, Republic is on your way or should be your destination for great cocktails, fabulous pizza, appetizers and salads. 


—Anaé Petito
A lthough I wouldn’t consider myself the prime example of the “millennial” personality, my bone to pick is related to my own generation’s bond with social media. Doing my millennial thing (I’m not immune to it myself), I was scanning Facebook this weekend when I noticed an ad for a sale on Fly Art’s clothing line. 

Steinway & Sons

Chris Pizzolo
Astoria, Queens as we know it today is a large landmass that is consistently referred to as a melting pot. Today it’s a neighborhood where people come to make a new life, and pursue their dreams of art, entertainment, business, and more. Funny enough, the pursuit of happiness wasn’t so different nearly two centuries ago. Steinway pianos is a fine art instrument manufacturer. 

Organic v. Natural‘

—Lynette Pettinicchi
“Organic” and “all-natural” are two prominent terms in the health and wellness industry. You might have read them in a magazine, saw them food shopping or heard them on the evening news. But do you know what they really mean and the difference between the two? 

Feed Your Body &Your Soul

—Lynette Pettinicchi
Engaging in happy hour after a long stressful workday can help recharge your batteries for the days to come. And depending on the beverage you order, you could also be benefiting your heart. 
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