The Ultimate Astoria Date Night

Chris Pizzolo
Ok, so summer's here and since Citi bike has neglected New York's most beloved boro we must take it upon ourselves to create a top notch night without having to endure a sweaty subway. Below is your game plan on how to score big in romance category. 

This Wednesday: Movies under the stars

Laura Laucella
Don't feel like paying $12.50 for a movie?  I don't blame you. Instead, check out the International Film Festival at Socrates Sculpture Park. Every Wednesday there will be a screening of movies from different parts of the world.

A Vegetarian's Delight

Chris Pizzolo
Owner of Telly's Taverna Dianna takes pride in the relaxed atmosphere she's created in Telly's Taverna. Reminiscent of a true European dining experience Telly's Taverna makes you feel as if you're visiting your ancestors in the motherland. 

The Strand Smokehouse

Get your BBQ on at The Strand Smokehouse on Broadway in Astoria. The Strand was established in 2012 and offers a unique dining experience for meat lovers, and aficionados of fine barrel bourbon, and craft beers.

Tunes & Taverns

Ok, so whether you’re an Astoria native or new to our neighborhood, you’ve got to know that music is very much alive and well in Astoria. This month we are going to give a tip of the cap to some artists with roots in Astoria, and some houses that host great music nights.  Mister Wives 

World Cup Players

1. _____ Vargas 2. _____ Messi 3. _____ Ronaldo 4. _____ Neymar Jr. 5. _____ Pirlo 6. _____ Van Persie 7. _____ Müller 8. _____ Dempsey 9. _____ Casillas 10. _____ Benzema 11. _____ Slimani 12. _____ Hazard 13. _____ B. Ruiz 14. _____ Suarez 15. _____ James 16. _____ MandÏukiç  

Film Fare:

—Angela Kim
The Grand Budapest Hotel highlights Wes Anderson’s iconic writing and directing style, in which he turns the writings of Stefan Zweig into a candy-colored cinematic attraction. This film is located in the fictional Republic of Zubrowka, and recalls the memories of Zero Moustafa, the Grand Budapest Hotel’s owner. 


—Laura Laucella
The long anticipated 2014 FIFA World Cup finally kicked off on June 12 and since then, soccer fans have been displaying an outrageous amount of support. Cars are driving around with national flags on their roofs, people are walking around wearing official jerseys, and social media is blowing up with team criticisms and excitement.

The World Of Frozen Yogurt

—Nicollette Barsamian
New Yorkers have always loved their frozen yogurt. See: Seinfeld’s iconic and iconically New York 1993 episode, “The Non-Fat Yogurt,” which features the gang indulging in what may or may not be non-fat yogurt. And Rudy Giuliani’s mayoral campaign plays a role in the episode, as he vows to eliminate false advertising in the city. 

Guide to Organic Eating at Your Local Farmers’ Market

—Lynette Pettinicchi
Astoria is abounding with grocery stores, supermarket chains, and delis that make it easy to run out and grab some food to prepare. The availability of these food stores simplifies our shopping experience; yet they have less to offer when it comes to healthy options.
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