(Creek and the Cave)

I’m going into this review biased. I know this because I (perhaps not-so-secretly) love comedy shows; love to laugh in a small, dimly-lit rooms full of people I’ve never met and will never see after this hour. Comedy shows are strange hybrid events; with all the jittery excitement of a concert and none of the pretense. When done right, it feels like you’re listening to your funniest friend tell a good story in that bar you both like, and I am fortunate to have attended many evenings wherein I’ve not only laughed, but I’ve been warmed by smart people, turning moments that are perhaps less than stellar into gems to be shared.

Last week, a friend and I went to the Creek and the Cave (10-92 Jackson Ave) to blow off a little steam on a Thursday night. This gem, tucked away in Long Island City, is one of Queens’ premier comedy hot spots, with a hilarious show on nearly every night. We arrived at 9, and while waiting for the 10 pm show (aptly called “Swamp Thing”), we sat in the dimly-lit downstairs bar and decided on beverages.

In addition to an excellent cocktail list, the Creek and the Cave boasts a varied tap menu that’s mostly local and is changed seasonally. I tried the Braven White IPA first—a Bushwick-brewed beer that’s the perfect hybrid between a Belgian white and an American IPA. My friend, in her infinite wisdom, chose the Gethard cocktail—a delightful mixture of cucumber tequila, lemon, and soda that’s as light and refreshing as it sounds. We sat together at the bar and swapped stories about our lives and goings-on, surrounded by the muted gleam of half a dozen pinball machines, and of course, the Knicks game.

I switched, after my beer, to the Turnered—a smooth and simple combination of vanilla vodka and orange soda, that tasted rather pleasingly of orange Creamsicles, and reminded me of summertime on a very cold night.

When we sat down to watch the 10 pm show already grinning, ready for an hour-long escape from our normal lives, and were not disappointed. It’s probably uncommon that, after a comedy show, I’d be surprised at its low cost given its caliber. However, I was shocked to find upon entering that the show would be free of charge, even more so after its completion. The Creek and the Cave is the place to be for great cocktails and even better comedy, and I for one will be making it a regular stop on my way home.

— Bronwyn Davila

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