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June and July, or J&J if you like, are a great time for us to go out and enjoy the longer days of the year with the most sun. We’ve been waiting for it all year, and plan to make the very most of it. There is no shortage of exciting or languorous activities to choose from. 

Makin’ the Scene

QED Astoria 27-16 23 Ave, Astoria. Tix and further info at qedastoria.com  - Burning Down the Ground: A Tragic Family Farce Adapted from acclaimed memoir, “Burn Down the Ground,” join author Kambri Crews as she tells you a story you’ve definitely never heard before. Jun 18, 8:30-9:30 pm 

LIC Artists’ Postcard Show Fundraiser At Plaxall

LIC Artists are holding a Postcard Show Fundraiser at Plaxall Gallery. There is an open call for submissions, so anyone who wants can send in their work. The deadline for submissions is June 28. The exhibit will be held at The Plaxall Gallery, at 5-25 46th Avenue, LIC, from July 5 through August 5. The Opening Reception will be on Thursday, July 5, from 7-10 pm.

34th Street Designs

34th Street Designs was created by local Astoria resident Kaitlin Santoro in 2017. Named after the block she first moved to straight out of college, and where she “grew and learned about herself as a person” she notes. She still lives on that block, but she operates 34th Street designs in a different location. 

Queens Artist Creates New Mural Celebrating Astoria

NYC Parks this month introduces the installation of the mural “Steinway Cypher” by artist Brittany Baldwin in Astoria’s Steinway Playground. The vibrant addition to the playground rehabilitates a 1,100-square-foot retaining wall and reflects the history of the surrounding Astoria neighborhood through bold, graphic symbolism. 

Crystal Wolfe

Crystal Wolfe is the author of “Our Invisible Neighbors,” a nonfiction novel with personal accounts, causes, and solutions to homelessness, and a book of poetry and prose, “The Resurrected Dream.” “Our Invisible Neighbors” includes an inspiring chapter on 77 celebrities who were once homeless to show how becoming homeless can happen to anyone. 
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